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Esperanza fernandez

In her debut album, Esperanza Fernndez sets loose her vivid Flamenco accomapnied by Morato's guitar in the La Malena buleras. With equal disposition, she sings the seguiriya De noche en mi Triana by the cantaor Jos el de la Tomasa. There also is part of the concert that Guillermo McGill wrote for her with la Nana de la esperanza and the alegras Jazmn de media noche by Miguel ngel Corts....

Price: 18.90     ( 24.38 $ )
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Quejo,Un monumento al cante - Pepe Marchena

Pepe de Marchena was perhaps the man responsable for fandango and other similar style's dominance during the Flamenco Opera period. With the goal of making soft and sweet cante, Pepe Marchena made it an artificial creation. He imposed the cante bonito out of gorgoritos, falsetas and filigranas; he introduced recitals in the cante; and he came up with musical hybrids, this was a trully innovative...

Price: 20.20     ( 26.06 $ )
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Some describe Miguel Poveda as greatly talented artist: precise and transparent with a crystal clear voice. He is, in effect, an artist that is innovative yet respectufl for the traditional. Performance after perfomance, this charismatic cantaor's evolution is clear for with his intelligence and exquisite good taste he has acquired a prominent place in music today. On this occasion he is...

Price: 21.50     ( 27.73 $ )
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Al viento

Without a doubt Manolo Sanlcar is classic in Spanish music and some of his best known tunes make part of this album. It is an album that encompasses lots of feeling, serenity, anguish and positive energy. Although this album has the guitar as the main figure, it is seasoned by very effictive flutes, drums and bass, giving it a modern sound enhanced by Manolo's guitar. Musically, it is a...

Price: 8.35     ( 10.77 $ )
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Juanke is a cantaor whose professional trajectory is closely bound to Catalonian tablaos. 'Linaje,' is his first album and is a tribute to his ancestors; it is released with the production and musical direction by the guitarist Chicuelo, who is usually Miguel Poveda and Juan Gmez Chicuelo's man on the guitar and the zither.

Price: 21.95     ( 28.32 $ )
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Luis Mariano, 24 exitos

A compilation of prince of the opera's 24 hits. Songs on this 2 disc album include: Maitechu, El vito , El relicario, Violetas Imperiales.

Price: 11.55     ( 14.90 $ )
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muy frgil

Mayte Martn is a different kind of Flamenca. The same can be said about the buleras she sung in Muy Frgil, an album through which she marks her differences between her and other Flamenco cantaores and their cante. The Catalonian cantaora is open to many different styles and has fun experimenting, which is why many say 'she sings it all and all she sings well. 'She is well established as a lady...

Price: 15.65     ( 20.19 $ )
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Suite flamenca

Arturo Pavn was the great Manolo Caracol's son-in-law . Caracol accompanied him on ocassion on the piano, the instrument which he coined for Flamenco. Born in Sevillein 1931, he belongs to a glorious lineage for he is la Nia de los Peinas and the cantaor Toms Pavn's nephew. His mother, Elosa Albniz, was the director if a mithical baile academy in Seville. Arturo and Luisa Ortega's marriage...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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A Camaron

Sonia Priego, a big fan of Camarn released this album in his commemoration. Some of the more important songs are 'Me duele el corazn',' Dame tus besos', and 'Yo soy canastera'.

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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'Temporal' is an album that will take the listener by surprise. It is a musical journey through Spanish territory  of popular music of several regions (flamenco, andaluz folklore, castellano and gallego,) while piecing together the cultures that have determined its evolution (arabo-andaluz, sefard, cuban, medieval european, etc.)Radio Tarifa influences yet again the mixing and crossing of...

Price: 22.05     ( 28.44 $ )
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