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'Encuentro.' This album is an attempt to creat a meeting point between Flamencos and Magrebes in order to create a common ground. El Lebrijana has achieved the most commercial success through these hybrids with an collaboration album with the Orquesta Andalus of Tnger.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Sueos en el aire

This is Juan Pea's, El Lebrijano, 33 release under the title Sueos en el aire. Juan Pea 'El Lebrijano,' makes his debut with the Senador label with 'Sueos del aire,' an album that carries on with previous experimentations and risks that characterize this cantaor's previous works. In this new piece, for example, he collaborated with the Bulgarian Gypsies by recording a version of the...

Price: 18.85     ( 24.32 $ )
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Quejio, su flamenco - Antoio Molina

Quejo su flamenco is a two disc, 40 track album. Songs include: Siete caballos de espuma (Serranas), Tientos de ay ay ay (Tientos), En m no reina alegra (Malaguea), Campanas de San Lorenzo (Soleares), El agua del avellano (Pregn), Fandango de la morana (Fandango de Huelva), Son tus dientes alheles (Guajira), Mar y rosas (Buleras), Seca el llanto y no me llores (Zambra), Lucero de la maana...

Price: 21.50     ( 27.73 $ )
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Su cante - Carmen Linares

'Su Cante.' The up-to-date remastered edition of the album from the two full length recordings by the cantaora with the most personality in Flamenco today. A new remastered version with an up-to-date design. Carme Linares' voice, with its many different musical shades, along with a very personal and versatil style proves the insasiable possibilities of Flamenco music.

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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The 15 songs in this album are a round-up of the most important pieces in his three previous studio albums and include three unedited songs. It is Radio Tarifa in its pure state, where he offers his musical ideas and creative approach.

Price: 19.85     ( 25.61 $ )
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Solera gitana - Antonio Mairena

Antonio Morena came about in the Flamenco scene in the early 60's. This album is a gathering of recordings by Antonio Mairena ripe in his maturity, wisdom and intensity in Flamenco.

Price: 18.30     ( 23.61 $ )
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La pureza del cante

A compilation. Menese is one of the most important non-gypsy cantaores. He has an authentic and inmense liking for Flamenco and a full voice charging with deep echoes. He runs from triviality and decadent beauty in order to find the pureness in Jondo cante. Talkative and tragical, his cante is basically a "quejo" and his repertoire is probably one of the longest ones in the history of Flamenco...

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Lorca - Enrique Morente

Enrique Morente represents the forefront of Flamenco today. He is considered as one of the artists most dedicated to the renewal of cante, without forgetting any of its traditional characteristics, and as one of the best artists to interpret refined poems, such as those by Miguel Hernndez and Garca Lorca. His work is astutute and sincere, full of knowledge in a genre that is dangerously...

Price: 16.65     ( 21.48 $ )
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La fuerza del destino

A compilation of songs by this great artist. Bambino is considered the father of the pop Rumba. In 1961 her performed a rumba version of 'Bambino Picolino' by Renato Carosene and has been called that ever since. He made himself popular by translating the itialian song, along with rancheras and boleros, into Flamenco party which then went to rumba and the bulera. Passionatly, he laughs and cries...

Price: 9.25     ( 11.93 $ )
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Entre vareta y canasta

Following a two year hiatus, Ramn Jimnez Salazar, Dieguito el Cigala, releases his sohpomore solo effort. A Madridian, he is accompanied by Nio Josele on guitar and several percussionists. This album represents an album with more of a classic touch than in his previous work. Given the tremendous power of his voice (Camarn's influence is evident,) he seems quieted at times because of the...

Price: 17.65     ( 22.77 $ )
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