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Andaluca Multimedia - Dvd #5490001

Andaluca Multimedia - Dvd

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    This DVD will allow you to enjoy wonderful images of Andalusia, learn to dance flamenco or cook Andalusian dishes. Following a clear and simple method, you will learn the secrets behind dancing sevillanas, rumbas and buleras. Renowned Andalusian chefs will show you step by step how to cook paella, gazpacho or potato omelette, and how to prepare the famous sangra. Travel around the main Andalusian cities, with maps and street plans which you can print off from your PC.

You can easily view the wide range of contents of this DVD.It is divided into three main sections:

This section includes a menu with ten options. One contains a general video about Andalusia. Another option provides access to a documentary with tips on how best to discover and take part in popular Fiestas and Andalusian culture. The remaining options correspond to each of the eight Andalusian provinces. By pressing one of these on the map, you will go to a new menu which includes a video about the province and its capital, a map and a list of recommended establishments. The guitar music accompanying the images is the flamenco rhythm characteristic of each province.

This section has a menu providing access to a video ( ) with an Introduction to Andalusian Gastronomy, or just go straight to the preparation of four typical dishes: Paella, Gazpacho, Potato Omelette and Sangra.

 In this section the user can watch a video with an Introduction to Flamenco and its history or go directly to the practical classes showing three different styles of flamenco dancing: sevillanas, rumba and bulera. The method used is simple and clear: First, choose one of the three styles. Next, a new menu appears where you can choose to watch the complete Dance, go to an Introduction to the style or practise the different steps of each dance by making a series of Movements.

For Sevillanas, a new menu of movements offers the possibility to watch each of the four coplas making up this flamenco style separately (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)  It is also possible to closely follow the obligatory steps of Sevillanas: Primer cuerpo, Segundo cuerpo and Estribillo for each part. This complete method allows you to quickly practise and learn how to dance sevillanas.

As the Rumba and Bulera, are free dances lending themselves to improvisation, the Movements, called Remates, provide the basic notions required to be able to dance fluently at any party or celebration.
The DVD includes a PC navigator allowing you to print off PDF files (holiday calendar, maps, city plans, recipes) or play the flamenco tracks from the original soundtrack in MP3.

The DVD is full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).