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Flamenco styles encyclopedia AZ (12 Cd + Book)

A new encyclopedia travelling all over the styles through the most representative artists.
All the "palos". All the artists. The complete flamenco is now collected in this new publication, the flamenco styles encyclopedia from A to Z.
Faustin Nuez and Jos Manuel Gamboa, experts in flamenco, have worked on this edition travelling all over the most important names of the flamenco...

Price: 99.95     ( 128.94 $ )
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Integral Camarn remastered - 20 Cds+libro

Camarn de la Isla, more alive than ever. The mythic soundbox that contains all the gaditano singer's recordings has changed both the sleeve and the contents.With the same design as our compilation, the new integral recorded between 1969 and 1992 contains 17 Cds with its correspondent and original sleeve. Afterward, three more Cds: The live of Paris in 1987, The unpublished anthology, At "La...

Price: 99.00     ( 127.71 $ )
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Complete Camaron (19 CDs)

Limited edition. All his discography in a collection of 19 CDs. Special packagingContents: 18 official recordings plus a previously unreleased CD with rarities, new versions of old songs and studio out takes.It includes a 48 pages book with texts and photographies of all his career. 

Price: 145.95     ( 188.28 $ )
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The Complete Paco de Lucia (26 cd\'s)

25 digitally remastered albums by the master of the modern Flamenco guitar (including Concierto de Aranjuez, and two of the Trio's records), plus a final CD of rarities, which include his 1964 EP 'In Memoriam: Nio Ricardo', his music for Saura's 'Carmen' and 'Sevillanas' movies, and other curious bits. In addition to the two discs, the bos set includes two books, in English and Spanish, by Jos...

Price: 177.35     ( 228.78 $ )
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Grandes Cantaores del Flamenco - Paco Toronjo

Paco Toronjo is an unique fandangos cantaor; he is nobility turned fandango. He was a pioneer of the Sevillian song as it is known today, along with his brother Pepe towards the end of the 50's decade. The Toronjo brothers jump-started the boom that the Sevillian song has today and were followed by the Ryes brothers, Reyes, the Pali, Romeros de la Puebla, Marismeos and many others. They sang...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - La Paquera de Jerez

La Paquera de Jerez is no myth nor legend, she is in the here and now and needs only of two taps on the chest and an intoning her voice to prove she is still queen. Her mad grito is almost agressive and when heard through fandangos it is a knife that will penetrate your blood and leave you close to collapse. Her cante, very similar to the caracol style, has a strong Gypsy flavor and a special...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Manolo Caracol

'Manolo Caracol has always been the king of the Gypsy cante. God always sends someone but, until now, no one like him'.When Caracol performed classic cantes he came out as genious, probably the most flamenco voice in history. His efforts always suited the best for cantes in call for flamenco duendes since he was made out of a prodigious metal which dominated his taste for basses, which were in...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Antonio Mairena

Antonio Mairena is the link between the great cantaores of the past and the splendid ones of today; he is the master that holds the golden key to old glories. He was an extraordinary cantaor who worked on the transcendental flamenco, distinguishing himself from the other cantaores. 13 tracks on this album; including Me muero yo (seguirillas de Triana,) Santa Justa y Rufina (soleares de Triana,)...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Juan Pea \'El Lebrijano\'

The truth is that El Lebrijano releases albums that have a special touch to them, they reflect a series of ideas and different feelings. With his beautiful and round voice he had a tone and knowledge that allowed him to study and interpret with mastery many different styles. He understood that it was necessary to give flamenco a broader musical spectrum, that way it would be easeier for it to...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Porrinas de Badajoz

Porrinas recorded all of his cantes with his unique signature; a voice smothered by peculiar bass tones making it hard to be imitated. Whoever has heard him has been able to appreciate a great cantaor who is unbeatable in his art and who, knowing how cante should be done, found the traits that would make a difference in the genre which is why he would eventually become known as an unorthodox...

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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