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Flamenco Big Band. Perico Sambeat

Flamenco Big Band is the new work of Perico Sambeat, including his compositions, his arrangements and direction.
Sambeat is one of the national jazz musicians with an amazing artistic career."Flamenco Big Band" is without any doubt his most challenging and international work.
Perico Sambeat presents his record "Perico Sambeat Flamenco Big Band", edited by Universal, Verve; between...

Price: 16.50     ( 21.29 $ )
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8 guitarras y un piano.(8 guitars and 1 piano). Manuel Moreno \"El Pele\"

"8 guitarras y un piano" acompany Manuel Moreno "El Pele" on his new record.Manuel Moreno "El Pele", singer from Cordoba, worked with great Spanish guitarists and with the pianist Isidro Muoz in the Studio La Marisma (El Roco). That is why his new work is called "8 guitars and 1 piano".
The eight guitarists are: Jos Antonio Rodrguez, Nio de Pura, Diego de Morao, Moraito Chicho,...

Price: 16.90     ( 21.80 $ )
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Pablo de Mlaga.Enrique Morente

'Pablo de Mlaga', the record that Enrique Morente has recorded and conceived in honour of Picasso in which he has adapted written texts by the artist from Mlaga.
''Pablo de Mlaga'' is a record of Enrique Morente for 2008. It comes up from the contact of  the cantaor (flamenco singer) with the written texts by Picasso, these texts, written in his handwriting , tells how was the...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet

Some day, the colombian writer Gabriel Garca Mrquez said this from him: When Lebrijano sings, water gets wet. For his 50 years of career, the master from Lebrija wants to settle in the poetic way by dedicating his cd number 35 to the large and awarded work of the brilliant Colombian.   
This is the discographic work number 35 for the 50 years of Juan Pea artistic...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Soulera by Pitingo - CD+DVD

''Soulera'' stared by Pitingo and Juan Carmona, proposes an insolite fusion between the pop, flamenco, soul and gospel with the emerged singer Pitingo and the guitarist Juan Carmona (founder of the group Ketama) as principal stars.
''Soulera'' supposes a daring mix of flamenco traditional track (trilla, granana and fandango) and the succes of Bob Marley, The Beatles, Police, Otis...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Rio de Canasteros - Diego Amador

In his third record with the title Ro de los Canasteros, Diego Amador has done his most creative work.
He counted on the wonderful collaborators as Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Tino Di, Geraldo, Carles Benavent. The different kinds of music he plays in this record are Tangos, Buleras, Fandangos, Tientos and Rumbas.
His interest in music turned him into a several instruments...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Flamenco for children. Cd

A selection of the mythical themes of flamenco for the youngest at home.Flamenco for children is the first compilation of flamenco music perfect to introduce the youngest to this musical style, artists of the great stature as Paco de Luca, Camarn de la Isla, Tomatito or Pitingo, amongst others, are included in this record.

Price: 8.75     ( 11.29 $ )
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Camaron \"Reencuentro\"

Limited edition. New Camarn.
"Reencuentro" is a CD+DVD including new musical pieces, recorded by Camarn de la Isla.The first song "Por tangos" includes the singer La Susi; in "Saeta", a duet with Manuel Serrat, Camarn is performing with Jarcha; and Luis Monge is his musical backing in "Sole del Chaqueta".
The record company Universal is launching "Reencuentro", a new CD with...

Price: 26.90     ( 34.70 $ )
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Son de Limn - Javier Limn

The singer and producer Javier Limon is presenting his personal and second album with title : "Son de limn".  His new and conceptual work rooted this time in Jazz and cuban traditional  music , this in the perfect symbiosis with flamenco.
"Son De Limon" is one of the most brillant, cosmopolitan, rooted and precious nowadays in Spain.In his second album as leader "Son de limn",...

Price: 18.50     ( 23.87 $ )
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Dos Lgrimas. Diego El Cigala - CD

'Dos lgrimas' is the second part of the famous CD "Lgrimas Negras". In this second album the cuban pianist Guillermo Rubalcana take the place of Bebo Valds.This new album contains a mix between flamenco music and boleros, chachacha, copla and tango. This CD offers new songs versions as "Dos Gardenias" and "Compromiso" by Antonio Machin, or some coplas as "Maria de la O" by Rafael de Leon and...

Price: 19.75     ( 25.48 $ )
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