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Triana - Collection

Musical box that contains 6 cds and attached to this a full score of his songs and at a special price.
Talk about Triana is talk about the most important group of rock the spanish music has ever known.
CDs box contents:
1. El Patio (The yard) 2. Hijos Del Agobio (sons of anxiety) 3. Un Encuentro (An encounter) 4. Sombra Y Luz (shade and light) 5. Lleg El Da (The day...

Price: 31.50     ( 40.63 $ )
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Pata Negra Guitarras Callejeras / Blues De La Frontera

Guitarras Callejeras (Street Guitars) is the second record by Pata Negra, the Amador brothers' legendary band. It is possibly the best example in the whole history of late twentieth-century flamenco of what gypsy flamenco rock is. 'Blues de la Frontera' is considered one of the best records released in Spain in the 1980s, not only in terms of flamenco. It is the beginning of a kind of sound that...

Price: 18.35     ( 23.67 $ )
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Pata Negra - Coleccion Nuevos Medios

The brothers Raimundo and Rafael Amador (Seville 1959 and 1960) created a mixture of flamenco, blues and rock & roll that seemed the most natural thing in the world. Their recordings from the eighties are unanimously considered the best spanish pop music of that time.

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Inspiracion y locura - Pata Negra

Inspiracin y Locura (Inspiration and Madness) is the first record by Pata Negra without Raimundo Amador. His brother Rafael is left as the band's only member, with whom other musicians cooperate.  

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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La Barbera del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion

La Barbera del Sur lead the second wave of New flamenco bands and picked up right where Pata Negra and Ketama left off, bleding flamenco with other latin styles and jazz. In many aspects there haven't been any other recordings better than the ones La Barbera made with Nuevos Medios. The member's deep flamenco roots and and their spontaneous sprinkles of jazz, latin and african rhythms yielded...

Price: 15.55     ( 20.06 $ )
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.... Llego el da

Triana's day came. The band's day came when Jess de la Rosa, undoubtably the band's creative engine, died in a traffic accident. Many believe that had Jess survived the band would have delivered a return to style from the first three albums.  It's simply guesswork, however, given that there's no proof in this album for there to be returning styles from the past. There are some very good...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Un Encuentro

Un Encuentro is probably the band's most risky album. Already established as succesful and popular band throughout the mainstream, Triana assumed more of a calm and intimate style. This album has tracks like Tu Frialdad and Un Nido, which have been considered some of their best compositions.

Price: 11.45     ( 14.77 $ )
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Una Historia

This new compilation comes in two discs titled after the legendary promotional single, 'Una historia', which sold over 100,000 copies. The song selection is appropriate and in addition it brings back tracks from old vynil discks.

Price: 28.35     ( 36.57 $ )
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Hijos del agobio

Their sophomore effort 'Hijos del Agobio' that came along with the hit single 'Rumor' was considered one of the best albums of 1977. The most influential music magazine in South America and the United States, 'Record World',also considered them the best Latin band in 1977.

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Sombra y Luz

Sombra y Luz is the second part of the 'Una historia' compilation of this legendary 70's Andaluz rock band.It is an album full of seduction, folklor, rhythm and a lot of Triana-style progressive Andaluz-rock. In addition, 'Sombra y Luz' puts an exclamation point on the first third part of this band's life. After this album they change producers, cover designer and guitar player, given their music...

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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