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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  New releases ::    ::  Spain again - Tomatito y Michael Camilo

Spain again - Tomatito y Michael Camilo #112UN538

Spain again - Tomatito y Michael Camilo

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Spain Again is the meeting of two good friends who decided to play together to see until where they are able to go and see how much they can discover about themselves. The new album includes original compositions, a tribute to Piazzolla, jazz standards and a collaboration with the famous singer and composer Juan Luis Guerra.
When tremendous talents like Michel Camilo and Tomatito meet each other to play some music, the result is an event. These two voices characteristic of two diferent music worlds join together again in Sapin Again, an amazing musical conversation between two masters. Camilo, brilliant pianist and composer, combines rich jazz harmonies with the flavour and the Carabean rhythmes of Dominican Republic, his home country. Tomatito, who has been discovered by Paco de Lucia when hi was very young, is one of the greatest flamenco guitarist of his generation and he has accompanied the biggest singers in Spain like Camaron de la Isla. Going through the jazz and flamenco's borders, Camilo and Tomatito create an experience that results unique and unforgettable.

  1. El da que me quieras
  2. Libertango
  3. Fuga y misterio
  4. Adis nonino
  5. Stella by starlight
  6. Twilight glow
  7. A los nietos
  8. La tarde
  9. La fiesta
  10. From within
  11. Amor de Conuco (con Juan Luis Guerra)