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La Barbera del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion

La Barbera del Sur lead the second wave of New flamenco bands and picked up right where Pata Negra and Ketama left off, bleding flamenco with other latin styles and jazz. In many aspects there haven't been any other recordings better than the ones La Barbera made with Nuevos Medios. The member's deep flamenco roots and and their spontaneous sprinkles of jazz, latin and african rhythms yielded...

Price: 15.55     ( 20.06 $ )
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Noche de flamenco y blues (en directo)

'Noche de Flamenco y Blues', was recorded live at the Plaza de Toros Las Ventas, Madrid, on 29th July 1998 before a packed audience that enjoyed over two hours of non-stop music. Raimundo Amador, former member of the legandary flamenco band Pata Negra, had on the reigning king of the blues, BB King, his very special guest for the night. Among other guests were Kiko Veneno, Remedios Amaya, Charo...

Price: 11.55     ( 14.90 $ )
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Flamenco vivo - Camaron de la Isla

It is a lively and joyful voice that pleases when it mixes with the sounds of Tomatito's piercing guitar. Camarn's amazing live performance allows to hear previously in-studio recorded songs in a more natural atmosphere. His voice can only be heard as sharp and as direct in a live performance. Tomatito's guitar is sharp and full of life.

Price: 11.50     ( 14.84 $ )
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Evocacin a Fernando Terremoto. En Comps de Origen

Recorded live at the Albeniz Theatre of Madrid, during the show with the same name. Directed by Manuel Morao. Cante: Antonio Nuez Chocolate, Maria Vargas, Fernando Terremoto (hijo), Ines Bacan. Guitarists: Juan Morao and Diego Amaya.

Price: 15.20     ( 19.61 $ )
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El Llanto de un cante. En Comps de Origen

Recorded live at the Villamarta Theatre during the Jerez Festival, during the show, with the same name,  of the dance company 'Manuel Morao Gitanos de Jerez', on April 25th, 1998. DIRECTED by Manuel Morao. CANTE: Ines Bacan, Manuel Moneo, hijo (barullo). GUITARISTS: Diego Amaya and Antonio Moya.

Price: 15.15     ( 19.54 $ )
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Buleras. En Comps de Origen

Recorded live, on April 8th, 1997, at the Don Guido Hall at the Williams & Humbert Sherry wine cellars in Jerez de la Frontera. CANTE: Maria Monje, Chico Pacote, Macarena Moneo, Juan Junquera, Joaquin 'El Zambo', Carmen la Cantarota, Antonio 'El Monea'. GUITARIST: Diego Amaya.

Price: 15.15     ( 19.54 $ )
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La mujer y el cante . En Comps de Origen ( 2 cd\'s)

Recorded live at the cloister of the Monastery Hotel in El Puerto de Santa Maria, during the second flamenco cycle 'De Jerez a los Puertos' during May and June 1998. DIRECTED by Manuel Morao.CANTE: Mariana Cornejo, Elu de Jerez, Macarena de Jerez, Carmen de la Jara, Encarna Anillo. GUITARISTS: Antonio Higuero, Diego Amaya and Periquin Nio Jero. PALMAS Y JALEOS: Luisa Fernandez and...

Price: 22.70     ( 29.28 $ )
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De Jerez a los puertos. En Comps de Origen

Recorded live at the cloister of the Monastery Hotel in El Puerto de Santa Maria, during the first flamenco cycle 'De Jerez a los Puertos' during May and June 1997.DIRECTED by Manuel Morao.CANTE: Chano Lobato, Jose Vargas el Mono, Fernando Terremoto, Antonio Reyes. GUITARISTS: Luis Moneo, Fernando Moreno and Diego Amaya.

Price: 15.15     ( 19.54 $ )
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nochebuena flamenca. En Comps de Origen

Directed by Manuel Morao.Cante: Jose Vargas el Mono, Macarena de Jerez, Alfonso Carpio el Mijita, Carmen la Cantarota, Maribel Vargas, Estefania Aranda. Guitarist: Antonio Higuero.

Price: 15.15     ( 19.54 $ )
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Terremoto en Sevilla

Live recording at Pea Torre Macarena (Sevilla).Making his art into his only means of expression turned it into the deepest kind of singing, that singing which springs from the heart and expresses the deepest feelings. His ability only responded to inspiration, without technique, without any measure of the meter or the rhythm.

Price: 16.25     ( 20.96 $ )
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