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Raz flamenca - Enrique de Melchor

Raiz flamenca is a compilation of Enrique Melchor made by Fonomusic. Selected by Fonomusic, which introduce us his new creations: Pa Que T Bailes, Plaza Ducal, El Arenal and Raz Flamenca.

Price: 16.25     ( 20.96 $ )
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Una leyenda flamenca

'Una leyenda flamenca' brings the best Flamenco music to ever grace one's ears and Camarn de la Isla who with his pure and hard Flamenco and voice touches our soul.

Price: 17.65     ( 22.77 $ )
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'Autorretrato' is work every avid collector of the genre should have at home, just like any other one by the maestro. It is a compilation that dangerously approaches perfection, it has a broad range of palos and is capable of exciting the listner. Flameco art in its pure state.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Gipsy Passion Band - Joaquin Corts

He debuted his second show "Pasin Gitana" in the Teatro Albniz de Madrid along with his manager Pino Sagliocco. This new work is a true spectacle of flamenco music and dance; a tribute to the gipsy race and culture. Joaqun Corts dedicated this work tho his grandfather. On this ocassion, Joaqun Corts counted on the support of the internationally reknowed designer Giorgio Armani, who...

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Camaron Nuestro

Jos Monje and Jose Fernandez, two Flamenco giants who prove their importance through this album. You get goosebumps from 'Limn de cera' and, God, there is nothing in this world that can match Camarn's fine tuning and rhythm. Tomatito is impecable.

Price: 13.45     ( 17.35 $ )
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Passion Grace & Fire

This album's title perfectly describes the genre for it is played with passion, grace and fire. It is a digital recording of three virtuosos, each one with a different guitar and placed in a different sonic sphere. Nothing but pure and almost tangible virtuousity.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Camaron (3 cd \'s)

Camarn Recopilatorio consists of three discs: 'Al verte las flores lloran' 1969. 'Cada vez que nos miramos' 1970 .'Son tus ojos dos estrellas' 1973.

Price: 28.35     ( 36.57 $ )
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Castillo de arena

While it consists of a summary of the innovations we have heard until today, this disc forecasts new changes. Once again we find buleras without claps like in the 1971 album but now Paco de Luca doubles up on falsettos and some answers. With Ramn de Algeciras in charge of the second guitar; three guitars sporadically surface.In the buleras 'Como castillo de arena' some endings surprise by...

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Te lo dice Camaron

An uncomon album, with an artistic production below what the cantaor had us used to. The best of the album is the taste of tavern generated by the cantes without guitar with the only percussion being of the knuckles.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Arte y Majestad

'Arte y majestad' is a piece by Camarn like no other; his was and vocal turns are present in each surco, even if the numbers are signed by Antonio Snchez. To prove this, one need only listen to the soleares, tarantas, seguiriyas and buleras which are dedicated to Curro Romero, whom he admired. Titi's tangos and some Cadiz cantias are also included. There are two natural fandangos and two...

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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