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Sonsonete - Remedios Amaya

Once again Remedios Amaya mixes flamenco and pop with 'Sonsonote.'The cantaora says that in her latest album she has attempted to "give new airs to Flamenco by opening new paths."The first track in Sonsonote is a cover of Sobrevivir, which has also been interpreted by Mnica Naranjo, by the Italian Mina.The songs from this album have been hand selected by Remedios herself along with her friend...

Price: 13.55     ( 17.48 $ )
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Mi Salamanca / Vino amargo

Rafael Farina will always be remembered as a great artist with an unique style and a powerful voice that remained flamenco until the end and as an artist that, no matter where he sang, was always at the center of attention with his gift of the jondo cante. Farina was clearly flamenco and proved it through his short yet deep fandangos which were pieces of a trully jondo art. He had a beautiful...

Price: 10.75     ( 13.87 $ )
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Mis 70 aos con el cante

'Mis 70 aos con el cante' represents an entire life dedicated to the flamenco cante.The disc comes in a beautiful package. The 30-page CD jacket has song lyrics, an interview with the cantaor, biographical information and many pictures. At the end of his long and productive career, the gypsy cantaor was awarded the Latin Grammy for best flamenco album for 'Mis 70 aos con el cante.'

Price: 19.95     ( 25.74 $ )
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Grandes exitos - El Cabrero

His voice is sweet and harsh at the same time, it has a strong style. He always starts off on the right foot with the strenght that he has from this blood that is close to hard ground. He is mostly famous for his Fandangos and the lyrics charged with social content that captured everyone's attention.He is a cantaor with many capabilities and a large repertoire, requested in peas and festivals....

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Duende - Jose Luis Encinas

Jose Luis Encinas has his own style. He turns flamenco around and gets good outcomes; he is a new wave bringing an exquisite taste to the flamenco shores.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Brillo de luna

In full artistic maturity and following a succesful career as cantaor for baile, Guadiana released a solo effort contributing his singular and valuable way of understanding traditional flamenco.'Brillo de luna' (2002) was edited along with the Compaa de Nuevos Medios and it is an authentic token of new flamenco. It is a middle of the road between traditional flamenco and the ways of young...

Price: 18.05     ( 23.28 $ )
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La luna de Tomasa

'La Luna de Tomasa' is Tomasa de Guerrero's latest album. It is a weel expected piece of work, considering that her Jerezian origins are clear in her cante. She has qualities that can satisfy any taste, she is melodic, sweet, beautiful and sensitive and purely Jerezian. She sings four buleras: 'Como comer solo' is the most exciting one, then there is the catchy 'El corazn tras la puerta,'...

Price: 19.65     ( 25.35 $ )
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Cuerpo celeste

Cuerpo celeste is Javier Ruibal's first album. He has been a performing artist for many years. He got his start with Joaquin Sabina, an intimate friend, but their styles of music had nothing in common. His music can be classified as 'like flamenco' (not pure flamenco; instead 'flamenquillo,') although his specialty is precisely blending styles. He adds a touch of arabic music and somewhat...

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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El aire de lo puro

Diego Amador is nothing but flamenco and has vowed to remain loyal to it with Euterpe, Polimnia, Terpscore, Pastora Pavn and Fernanda of Utrera as his witnesses. It is not a coincidence that the objective of his work is the same as it has been for many young musicians in the past few years: to turn cante and the andaluz gypsies' toque into the universal flamenco music. DIEGO AMADOR is also...

Price: 17.65     ( 22.77 $ )
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Andalucia Espiritual

Felipe Campuzano es el ms conocido de los pianistas flamencos. Su obra ha sido incuestinablemente el espiritu tipico de andalucia, su estilo propio evoca los diversos ritmos de las composiciones flamencas.Es el padre de la fusin Flamenco-Rock y uno de los msicos andaluces ms universales, es un msico moderno y clsico a la vez. Moderno, porque fue el padre de la fusin flamenca con otras...

Price: 16.80     ( 21.67 $ )
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