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Vino amargo - Rafael Farina

With his beautiful voice and rare flamenco flavor, Rafael Farina almost completely dedicated himself to the copla and became more of a cancionero than a cantaor.

Price: 23.75     ( 30.64 $ )
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Raza y compas

Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera are rare, magnificent masters of the festive cantes of the Sevillian town Utrera. They trully personify the pure nature and orthodox characteristics of flamenco. They have all of the qualifications to be cantaoras of the race in their blood. They perform buleras and buleras por sole. In the soleas Fernanda stands out. A special album for avid flamenco fans.

Price: 11.00     ( 14.19 $ )
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Pericon - Pericn de Cdiz

A re-release of the 1972 recording. Cante: Pericn de Cdiz. Guitars: Flix de Utrera.Besides being an important cantaor, Pericn has been a fountain of Andaluz grace to the flamenco world.

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Fuente y Caudal

Pop success would not come from an entire album but from a song which, overnight, acquired airplay in all the radio-stations in Spain: "Entre dos aguas" from the album Fuente y caudal (1973.) The Rumba diffused past Spanish borders and began to get attention from great rock and jazz artists. The album included experiments which went beyond classic flamenco. Ever since then, Paco De Luca began a...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Al verte las flores lloran

Perhaps Camarns most outstanding work was done with Francisco Snchez Gmez and Paco de Luca, the young guitarrist from Algeciras with whom he was part of the best flamenco due of the mid twentieth century. The first LP to be produced from their growing relationship was "Al verte las flores lloran" in 1969.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Flamenco vivo - Camaron

It is a lively and joyful voice that pleases when it mixes with the sounds of Tomatito's piercing guitar. Camarn's amazing live performance allows to hear previously in-studio recorded songs in a more natural atmosphere. His voice can only be heard as sharp and as direct in a live performance. Tomatito's guitar is sharp and full of life.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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'Casablanca' is more than an album. Something very spiritual wraps around it: the imgages, the music. The recordings create an atmosphere that seem to reflect the artist's inner-self: His mood, spirit and emotions.Juan Pea Fernndez, El Lebrijano is perhaps the most gifted cantaor of his generation. He has an excellent voice, knows cante's palos like few others and owns an ancient eco for he has...

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Lagrimas de cera - El Lebrijano

El Lebrijano has produced a completely original and exotic album out of his flamenco roots. This is the restult of sevral months of work and preparation, not only by the main man El Lebrijano. 'Lgrimas de cera,' which from a flamenco point of view goes deep into arabic culture, is an important point in Juan Pea, El Lebirijano's great career. It is a concept album inspired by the Sevillian Holy...

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Cruzando el rio

Radio Tarifa is not a multiracial band but a mediterranean trio formed by versatile and restless friends: two spaniard (Fan, from Castilla and Benjamn, from Granada) and a frenchman, Vincent, who everybody calls Vicente. They do all the work themselves, they write the music, the lyrics and perform like chemists mixing and mixing until they find the secret recipe. They are friends who surprise...

Price: 22.05     ( 28.44 $ )
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Arquitectura del aire en la calle

Los Delinqentes are able to creat their own style and language. With very original compositions, reflecting their lifes. They are natural and they transmit their feelings easily. This CD is the second one.12 songs full of happiness and good music including the voice of Miguel Benitez and Marcos "el Ojo Borroso" (el canijo) singing 4 songs.     

Price: 16.65     ( 21.48 $ )
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