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\'Hechizo\' Libro de partituras by Oscar Herrero

Left hand and right hand technique and symbols. Sheet music for: Ambar de primavera, Los portales, Tornasol, Algarabia, Mimosa, Paraiso, 28 de junio, Espejo.

Price: 23.95     ( 30.90 $ )
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Brindis de guitarras, Oscar Herrero y Carlos Oromas

Guitar toast along with the classic guitar of Carlos Oramas. Remember Manual de Falla. Musicians:Oscar Herrero: flamenco guitarCarlos Oramas: clasical guitarThemes:El sombrero de tres picosHomenajeEl amor brujoLa vida breveSiete canciones populares espaolas

Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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Abantos - Oscar Herrero (2 Cds)

This CD propose a large sounds' choice with different classical arrangements for flamenco themes as alegrias, tanguillos, mineras, rumbas and bulerias, soleas, fandangos from Huelva, taranta-peteneras besides the theme "Abanto" performed by Enrique Morente and the Venezuelan waltz "La Partida", so popular in the "manouches" guitar players' repertoire, remembering some unforgettable versions from...

Price: 17.50     ( 22.57 $ )
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Hechizo. cd by Oscar Herrero, including the following pieces: Ambar de Primavera - Tangos. Los Portales - Solea por Buleria. Tornasol - Granaina. Algarabia - Buleria. Mimosa - Farruca. Paraiso - Rumba. 28 de junio - Nana. Espejo - Siguiriya.

Price: 16.40     ( 21.16 $ )
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Torrente by Oscar Herrero

This record is the first work by the guitarist scar Herrero, a concert guitarist, composer and flamenco teacher. Torrente is a display of traditional flamenco guitar. It features the participation of important musicians like Vctor Monge Serranito and David Tavares on the flamenco guitar, and the singing of Carmen Linares and Gabriel Moreno, among others.
List of songs:Dos hermanas...

Price: 16.40     ( 21.16 $ )
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Oscar Herrero en concierto - Dvd

A flamenco guitar concert by the great master Oscar Herrero, who is accompanied by: Pedro Esparza (flute, sax and gaita (a wind instrument that is similar to a flute or chirima, around 40 cm long)) and Jorge Palomo (percussion). Length: 54 minutesMultisystem DVD, compatible with PAL and NTSC systems. Suitable for use in any country.

Price: 26.15     ( 33.73 $ )
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Flamenco guitar Step by Step. Vol 1. Basic technique I. by Oscar Herrero - Dvd

For anyone who wants to become initiated in the flamenco guitar and to learn basic technique, scar Herrero explains each technique at length, movement after movement, including every detail. In this volume, he looks closely at the posture in which one should sit and how to hold the guitar, the position of the right hand, the thumb and thumb-index techniques, strumming with simple percussions,...

Price: 34.10     ( 43.99 $ )
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Flamenco guitar Step by Step. Vol 2 Basic Technique II. by Oscar Herrero - Dvd

After performing a taranta with accompaniment from hand clappers, scar Herrero explains advanced techniques for strumming using the thumb, alzapa (right hand technique whereby the thumb is brandished repeatedly against the same string, usually a grave string) and tremolo (accompaniment with the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers on the same string, to give the impression of a faltering...

Price: 34.10     ( 43.99 $ )
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Flamenco Guitar Step by Step. Vol 3. Tcnica bsica III. por Oscar Herrero - Dvd

In this volume, after performing the sevillana 'El rastrillo' with percussion accompaniment, scar Herrero develops some ways to obtain a good left hand technique with exercises including extensions, ligato, chord changes, using the little finger... As for the right hand, exercises for the ring finger are examined, as well as arpeggios (pressuring a bass chord with the thumb, while several...

Price: 34.10     ( 43.99 $ )
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Flamenco Guitar Step by Step. Vol 4. La sole I. by Oscar Herrero - Dvd

After a performance of the sole 'Majestad', Oscar Herrero explains the rhythm of the sole, and several rhythmic hand-clapping exercises are included.Subsequently, the structure of the guitar playing styles and some of the elements that make up the sole are examined, like the cierre (the closing of a rhythmic phrase), meters, rasgueados (strumming) and 7-8-9 melodies.It includes a booklet in...

Price: 34.10     ( 43.99 $ )
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