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How to find an article (2003-05-03)

In the left bar, the most frequently sold articles will be visible, also will be presented to you the whole group of articles of our shop. In the right side, you will see the articles with their corresponding prices. If there are more pages they will appear on the upper right side.
By clicking on any article or its name or by pressing the button "see details" you will be able to see the article and buy it.
How to place an order (2003-05-09)

Once the article is found, you will have to go through the following steps:
1.  Add to cart
To add an article to the shopping cart, you will only have to press the button  that is located in the detail file of all the articles. Once you click the button "Add to cart" a window will pop-up on the screen confirming your order.

By clicking the "Accept" button, the selected article will be automatically added to your cart. You will be able to see it in the upper left side:
2. To process an order:
On the upper left side a button "View Cart" appears and by clicking on it, you will see all it contents.  You will be able to cancel any selected article any time by clicking on the button "Cancel" situated on the right side of each article. To cancel an order, to continue shopping or to confirm your order, click on the corresponding button situated at the bottom of the page.
Proceed to Check Out (0000-00-00)

Once you click the "confirm order" button, the list of your purchase will appear, and then you will see the following:
1. Ways of payment 
Here you will see the different options for payment. On the right hand side you will have a text box for any observation or comments you might have.
2. Buyer and delivery details
These details need to be completed correctly and entirely. The confirmation of your purchase will be sent to you as an email.
On the delivery details column you will find two options; if we click on the first one all the boxes will be filled automatically. On the other hand if you click on the second one you will have to insert all your details. 

 Once this is done, click the 'check out' botton at the end  of the page.
Delivery costs (0000-00-00)

To see the delivery costs of your order, you will have to select your country in:    
 , which you will find on the upper right side of the order.
You will automatically see the detailed delivery costs.

Return of an article

Only items that are defective or incorrectly shipped can be returned to

If ships product incorrectly (the item shipped is different to the item ordered), the incorrect item will be exchanged for the correct item on receipt of the incorrectly shipped item. If an incorrect item is received by you, please do not break the wrapping film (shrinkwrap). Contact us immediately.

Apart from defective product, will not accept items that have had the wrapping film broken. We will not provide a replacement or refund for DVDs that have been opened, that is where the wrapping film has been removed.

Any product can be returned, unless it has been specially tailor-made for you or it has been used before. 
 Send us the merchandise that you want to change or return by the way you consider the best option (mail, courier...)

All the parties, carnaval and brides products do not admit any devolution.

To check where is your order (0000-00-00)

To check the position of your order, you will have to know your order code, which you can find at the bottom of the screen, at the end of your purchase.

You will also receive an email with a complete description of your purchase in which the order code will also appear.

To know the state of your order, click on "orders situations". Then in the "Email" box you will have to put the same email address as in your purchase order and by clicking the "accept" button you will get a list of your orders and you will be able to see its contents.