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Guide to learn to play castanets - Dvd

The definitive guide to learn to play castanets.This collection of Dvd's introduces the beginner to the exciting world of castanets through a simple methodology of the basic technique of castanet playing and the accompaniment of the sevillanas dance with castanets. This combination, together with the technologies of image and sound convert this collection into a veritable school of playing the...

Price: 39.45     ( 50.89 $ )
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Sevillanas course - Dvd

In the first part we will study all the steps in detail.We also teach you some simple techniques of Flamenco Dancing to learn how to control your hands, arms and feet. The second part (advanced) is dedicated to personality and style both for males and females dancers. Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese.The DVD is valid and compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL). Guaranteed.

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Rumba\'s course (DVD)

In this course we introduce the basics steps of the Flamenco-Rumba Dance and the technique required to link the movements together for your personal interpretation of this dance. We study all movements: hands, arms, legs, feet, the twists and turns, and of course...the hips! Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese.The DVD is full compatible with all countries (PAL and NTSC).

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Castanets course - Dvd

We start from the begining, theaching you the correct positions for hands and fingers. We carry on with a series of exercises that will help to keep your fingers agile. We also show you in more detail how to play the castaets in each of the four Sevillanas sequences. Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese
The DVD is valid and compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL)....

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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The Spanish Guitar - DVD

This DVD is devoted to guitar lovers in general, and also to anyone  wishing to know more about the Spanish Guitar and its vital part of Flamenco. The DVD starts with magnificent solos performed by the guitarrits Jos Corts, Pedro Sierra and Jose Luis Montn. Learning how to "follow" the singers is demostrated with Rafael Fajardo singing. The DVD ends with detailed expalantion of the main...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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The aragonese jota - Dvd

From the principal Theatre of Zaragoza, we will see a ballet folkloric interpreted by 6 Jotas. In the second part we will study in details the steps of each jota with their characteristics and the differences of the choreography and style.Length: 55 min.Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese.The DVD is valid and compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL). Guaranted.

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Flamenco gym - Dvd

Smart and fun gymnastics to Sevillana and Rumba rhythms that improves your body and mind. The gym teacher beside  the Spanish dancer will show us the Flamenco touch given to the exercises. This muscle toning gym and stretching exercises are perfect for any age, even for people with back problems. The video contains: Warm - up to Rumbas. Abdominal exercises to Sevillanas. Stretching to Sole,...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Salsa gym - Dvd

Gym, with the Caribbean rythm with: Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia, Bolero Brasileo.In case you don't like doing your exercise routine to Flamenco music here is a similar session of stretching, calesthenics, and aerobics accompanied by Salsa music. The video contains a 60-minute session and a shorter 28-minute aerobic workout, both led by the energetic Alicia Castro, who works the body...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Show flamenco - Dvd

In this video we will show you nine different dances, just as they are performed on stage: Fandangos, Alegras, Sole, Sevillanas, Buleras, Tientos, Rumba, Tangos, Farruca. 'TABLAO' performance to Live Music.Length: 35 minutes.Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese.The DVD is valid and compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL). Guaranteed.

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Flamenco dance Today - Dvd

Performing in a Spanish theatre, this group of artists has already earned a reputation as one of the best of the young generation. Here they interpret Seguiriya, Sole, Bulera, Tientos, Alegras, and other dances showing contemporary flamenco style at its purest. Theatre performance to live music. Duration: 61 min approx  'Theatre' performance to LIVE MUSIC.Languages: Spanish, English,...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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