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Mara Vargas and Paco de Lucas guitar

Mara Vargas and Paco de Lucas guitar is a new edition of an historic recording in which we hear an extremely young Mara Vargas accompanied by a first-rate guitar player: Paco de Luca. The Cdiz singer proved a revelation at twelve years of age in Jerez, due to her mastery of the authentic gypsy cantes (styles). As time passed, she turned into a complete cantaora (flamenco singer), with a...

Price: 12.45     ( 16.06 $ )
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Te mata el Remordimiento - La Paquera de Jerez

The "Paquera de Jerez" is one of the famous flamenco figure, a real myth, with huge powers, pointing up in all the CDs. The "Paquera" is a real maestro in all style, pointing up the buleria.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Manolo Caracol - Cante Flamenco

Original recordings from the years 30 and 40
Next to Quintero, Len and Quiroga, he travels around Spain during many years, until 1951. That is how he became the most popular flamenco artist.

Price: 12.55     ( 16.19 $ )
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La Paquera de Jerez (Republication)

This is a historical recording, that has been re-edited in CD format to ensure that the voice of this now deceased cantaora (flamenco singer) will never stop sounding. It includes an ample repertoire, with no less than 21 very varied songs.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Verde junco - Hondas raices (Republication)

Jos Merc with Enrique de Melchor, Tomatito and Diego Carrasco. United in one album, two fundamental work in the career of Jos Merc. Verde junco y Hondas raices is much more than a present por bulerias. Guitars and musicians with Jos Merc.

Price: 9.35     ( 12.06 $ )
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Antonio Fernandez Fosforito (Republication)

Recordings realized in 1958 in the 'Teatro de La Comedia' of  Madrid. He is one of the best singer ever and he won the II National competition of flamenco singing celebrated in 1956 in Cordoba.  

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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La guitarra de Sabicas (Republication)

Two complete albums of Sabicas:Ole! la guitarra de Sabicas (1972) y Flamenco! En la guitarra de Sabicas (1972).The first one includes colaboration of Adela Chaqueta, Rosarito la Mejorana and the second guitar is Diego Castelln, his brother. 

Price: 11.45     ( 14.77 $ )
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Homenaje al Nio Ricardo in Memoriam (Republication)

Untill the arrival of Paco de Lucia, all the guitar player were following el Nio Ricardo. When he died, in 1972, his friends did this album as a tribute to Nio Ricardo.

Price: 10.45     ( 13.48 $ )
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El Lebrijano con Manolo Sanlcar y Pedro Pea (Republication)

We are listening to the best moments of Juan el Lebrijano. His songs are all part of the flamenco festivals.His repertoire includes more than sixteen tittles from 'El lebrijano' (1973) and 'Arte de mi tierra' (1974), with the guitars of Manolo Sanlucar and Pedro Pea. 

Price: 10.45     ( 13.48 $ )
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Manolo Caracol (Republication)

Manolo Caracol is synonymous of flamenco genius. These are the best recordings of his professional carreer from 1962 to 1968.We listen to him with Melchor de Marchena, Juan Habichuela and Arturo Pavon.  

Price: 10.45     ( 13.48 $ )
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