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Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary #112UN574

Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary

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Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary

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Its already on DVD the documentary about the Ketama group, directed by the german Michael Meert.
Its dedicated to Ray Heredia, member founder of Ketama, and also to the departed Antonio Flores. But the movie is also a revision of the history of three flamenco generations: The Habichuela (Juan and Pepe), their children (who integrated into Ketama) and their grandchildren: represent the past, the present and the future of flamenco.


The musical group Ketama, which starts at the beginning of the 80, reaches the unprecedented success only for daring to fall out with the cast of the traditional flamenco, coinciding with the Spanish split into other casts. But Ketama is standed out by the centenary musical tradition of its saga. Juan Carmona ``Habichuela and Pepe``Habichuela two flamenco guitarists brothers devoted, they are fathers of the components of Ketama. During generations they have been getting on as musicians through the existence not without difficulties  and a good dose of creativity. The transmission of learning to children and grandchildren was not only a question of simple pleasure but to ensure the survival. Currently, the new young generation shows their talent. Ketama opens the doors of the saga ''Habichuela'' and immerse themselves in an emotional travel of the history of our country  from his point of view, the experiences, the dreams and the feelings of this gypsy family impregnated with a culture and a music whose premonition is the survival of his roots. This interior and exterior travel  from the most varied scenarios to the Albai-Cin and Sacromonte where they come from, from his home to his ancestral origin Inds and from the biggest saga to the youngest people, offer us, thanks to his proper narration, the chance to know this family from the most personal and intimate manner. The poetry combination of different documentary material, the severely chosen music and the currently shooted images contribute to perceive the intensity of the flamenco heredity.   

Direccin y guin: Michael Meert.
Pases: Alemania, Francia y Espaa.
Ao: 2005.
Duracin: 89 min.
Gnero: Documental.
Intervencin: Antonio Carmona, Juan Carmona, Jos Miguel Carmona, Juan Carmona "Habichuela", Pepe "Habichuela".
Produccin: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger.
Msica: Ketama, Juan "Habichuela" y Pepe "Habichuela".
Fotografa: Alfonso Sanz, Csar Hernando y Claus Deuble.
Montaje: Martin Kayser-Landwehr.
Estreno en Espaa: 27 Mayo 2005.

Direction and script: Michael Meert
Countries: Germany, France and Spain.
Year: 2005
Duration: 89 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Intervention: Antonio Carmona, Juan Carmona, Jos Miguel Carmona, Juan Carmona Habichuela, Pepe Habichuela
Production: Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
Music: Ketama, Juan Habichuela and Pepe Habichuela
Photography: Alfonso Sanz, Csar Hernando and Claus Deuble
Editing: Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Premire in Spain: 27th may 2005