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Konfusion - Ketama #112UN104

Konfusion - Ketama

10.35 €  / 13.35 $ 
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:: Ketama   More songs of this artist :: Juan Carmona   More songs of this artist :: José Miguel Carmona   More songs of this artist :: Antonio Carmona   More songs of this artist
Flamenco is a very rich and very demanding art, and it is almost impossible to capture its vital flavor without years of training and experience. Ketama, fortunately, has what it takes to deliver excellent New Flamenco. Released in June, 1998, Konfusion has a nice blend of smooth Pop-Jazz-Flamenco sound that promises to please new listeners. Also, the lyrical content of 'Konfusion', is far more thoughtful, interesting, and, even, intellectual than anything found in some of Ketama's earlier 'party' albums. 'De Aki a Ketama' is an absolutely indispensible album and 'Konfusion', while more introspective, will not disappoint any of those who have come to expect the highest caliber of music from this Madrid-based band.
  Disco 1
  1. Konfusión
  2. Estatua de sal
  3. Huella de una diosa
  4. Pokito a poko
  5. Karta kanción
  6. Para vivir
  7. Espíritu kañí
  8. Machukita
   9. Labios de koral
   10. El oasis de los dioses
   11. Suave
   12. Pasará
   13. Mi manantial
   14. Kautivo de la noche
   15. Ya se marchó