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Ritmo flamenco rhythm (10 CDs + 1 DVD)

A didactic collection of flamenco: singing, playing and dancing. This collection is made of 11 volumes:8 of dansing, playing 'toque' and singing; 1 of singing; 1 of drums and 1 DVD.Ritmo Flamenco Rhythm is the definitive collection to learn the keys of flamenco: dancing, playing and singing. A easy learning method for all types of backgrounds. And ideal complement of flamenco from around the...

Price: 90.25     ( 116.42 $ )
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Bodas de Gloria (DVD)

Bodas de Gloria is very comprehensive and compelling audiovisual work where we find the full Farrucos dinasty: Antonio Montoya  Farruco, La Faraona, Rosario Montoya 'La Farruca' and the youngest memebers of this legendary dinasty. There are also collaborations of big names like Juanito Villar, Juana and Martin Revuelo, La Tobala, Pedro Sierra, Ramn Amador...all of them playing the most...

Price: 23.60     ( 30.44 $ )
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Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faial

''Puertas abiertas'' is the new record by Juan Pea El Lebrijano. On this occasion, he once again gets close to Andalus and Arabic music after having previously recorded these genres in records like ''Encuentros''.

Price: 17.75     ( 22.90 $ )
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Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo is giving his best in this album. After five years without publishing an alum alone, Vicente Amigo comes back with 'Un momento en el sonido'. A flamenco album, in which there is the cooperation of Tino di Geraldo and Joan Albert Amargos and the singers Antonio Villar and 'Potito'. 'Un momento en el sonido' is the best song of the album. The rhythmic originality of the rumba...

Price: 18.35     ( 23.67 $ )
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T, ven a m - La Tana

La Tana releases her dbut solo album: 'T ven a m'. A young Sevillian cantaora (flamenco singer) whose early professional experience involved accompanying the dancing of Farruquito and Joaqun Corts with her singing. Paco de Luca discovered her in a bar in Seville and made her part of his team for the record 'Cositas Buenas'. Now, as a soloist, she tackles a festive record which has seen the...

Price: 15.65     ( 20.19 $ )
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A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo CD+DVD Pal

The first verses of a romance by Lope de Vega, 'De mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo' are the title of the latest record by Jos Menese, one of the leading flamenco cantaores (singers).The title provides a clue as to the content of the record: it is a tribute to the great poets of the Siglo de Oro (Golden Century) of Spanish literature, the seventeenth century. Lyrics, verses, romances...

Price: 26.15     ( 33.73 $ )
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Cositas buenas - Paco de Lucia

For four decades, Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia's jazzy, Mephisto-like technique redefined flamenco. This CD, which means 'Good Small Things,' is de Lucias first release in five years, and it's been worth the wait. Most of the eight tracks feature just de Lucia, a chorus of vocalists, percussion, and the zesty handclaps called palmas. Lucia and company take you through the Moorish, Jewish, and...

Price: 14.65     ( 18.90 $ )
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Camaron en la Venta de Vargas

It will become available from 21 February onwards.During his childhood, Camarn was already going around the streets and inns in Cdiz, singing and playing the guitar to earn a little money. When he wasnt 17 yet, he recorded some songs, that have now been re-mastered and whose sound has been cleaned up, in the Venta de Vargas, a legendary flamenco establishment during the 1970s. Not all of the...

Price: 20.45     ( 26.38 $ )
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Camarn de la Isla. La leyenda

The great flamenco genius of the second half of the twentieth centurys definitive anthology. It features 77 songs that have been digitally re-mastered. This anthology is a priceless testimony of contemporary history, not just of flamenco, but also of popular Spanish and European music in our time, because the legendary cantaor (flamenco singer) filled up stadia and managed to bring flamenco art...

Price: 38.95     ( 50.25 $ )
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The first record by this guitar prodigy, who has pure flamenco roots and has studied in the Conservatory. It has taken him three years to record it, but it has been worth the wait. The young guitarist displays a stunning technique at the service of classicism, without disdaining contemporary elements. He enjoys the varied participation of great cantaores (flamenco singers), as well as fine...

Price: 17.30     ( 22.32 $ )
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