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Rio de Canasteros - Diego Amador

In his third record with the title Ro de los Canasteros, Diego Amador has done his most creative work.
He counted on the wonderful collaborators as Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Tino Di, Geraldo, Carles Benavent. The different kinds of music he plays in this record are Tangos, Buleras, Fandangos, Tientos and Rumbas.
His interest in music turned him into a several instruments...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Camaron \"Reencuentro\"

Limited edition. New Camarn.
"Reencuentro" is a CD+DVD including new musical pieces, recorded by Camarn de la Isla.The first song "Por tangos" includes the singer La Susi; in "Saeta", a duet with Manuel Serrat, Camarn is performing with Jarcha; and Luis Monge is his musical backing in "Sole del Chaqueta".
The record company Universal is launching "Reencuentro", a new CD with...

Price: 26.90     ( 34.70 $ )
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Son de Limn - Javier Limn

The singer and producer Javier Limon is presenting his personal and second album with title : "Son de limn".  His new and conceptual work rooted this time in Jazz and cuban traditional  music , this in the perfect symbiosis with flamenco.
"Son De Limon" is one of the most brillant, cosmopolitan, rooted and precious nowadays in Spain.In his second album as leader "Son de limn",...

Price: 18.50     ( 23.87 $ )
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Integral Camarn remastered - 20 Cds+libro

Camarn de la Isla, more alive than ever. The mythic soundbox that contains all the gaditano singer's recordings has changed both the sleeve and the contents.With the same design as our compilation, the new integral recorded between 1969 and 1992 contains 17 Cds with its correspondent and original sleeve. Afterward, three more Cds: The live of Paris in 1987, The unpublished anthology, At "La...

Price: 99.00     ( 127.71 $ )
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Triana - Collection

Musical box that contains 6 cds and attached to this a full score of his songs and at a special price.
Talk about Triana is talk about the most important group of rock the spanish music has ever known.
CDs box contents:
1. El Patio (The yard) 2. Hijos Del Agobio (sons of anxiety) 3. Un Encuentro (An encounter) 4. Sombra Y Luz (shade and light) 5. Lleg El Da (The day...

Price: 31.50     ( 40.63 $ )
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Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler

Pastora Soler, pack of cds ''Our coplas'' and ''The world i dreamed about''. Two essential records of Pastora Soler at the price of one.
These ''coplas', 'our coplas' sing once more from the Pastora Soler voice. This one, his first record ''Our coplas'' with ten topics as popular as ''Trini'', ''Romance of the queen Mara de las Mercedes'', ''Cape of grana and Gold'' amongst other. All...

Price: 15.50     ( 20.00 $ )
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Los caminos del cajn por Paolo De Gregorio (The Ways of the Cajon)

The documentary ''The Ways of the Cajn'', is an interesting and rigorous video work, where its director and producer Paolo de Gregorio has tracked the origins and development of the ''cajn'', original instrument of Peru , which has already become universal.
Coming to record and collect unpublished images of their main performers and creators, from Peru , as it passes over Cuba and his...

Price: 26.00     ( 33.54 $ )
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Score book + CD \"Serranito maestro clsico de la guitarra flamenca\" by Claude Worms

This series entitled "Maestros clsicos de la guitarra flamenca" by Cluade Worms contains transcriptions of the finest compositions of the masters, works widely considered as a pinnacle in the history of flamenco guitar. CD is included

Price: 43.95     ( 56.70 $ )
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The classic guitar Technique by Jorge Cardoso

Jorge Cardoso is a recognized performer who has travelled the world over giving hundreds or concerts as a soloist, in duos, and with orchestras. There are innumerable recordings of his performances, and he is a prolific composer whose works have been recorded by other guitarists in more than thirty albums. Cardoso is also a master teacher with followers around the world.
This DVD traces...

Price: 29.95     ( 38.64 $ )
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La leyenda del tiempo - Documental - Dvd

La Leyenda del Tiempo, movie of Isaki Lacuesta, shows again the interest of the Catalan artist in searching new paths and a certain daring when he describes the topics that interest him.La Leyenda del Tiempo is divided in two parts, linked to each other by the central topic, the influence of Camarn de la Isla, although there is an unfortunate imbalance in the duration. The first part, 'La voz de...

Price: 18.95     ( 24.45 $ )
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