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Mujeres - Estrella Morente

Estrella Morente sings and gives homage to 13 women of the twentieth century.'Mujeres',  the third disc of her career, arrives after five years of silence.Flamenco 'has a better taste when it is done within the family, because we do not feel as good as when we are at home'. That is why Estrella counts again in this new disc 'Mujeres' on her father, Enrique Morente, as a guide.Estrella goes...

Price: 15.50     ( 20.00 $ )
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Camarn, the film - Dvd Pal

Camarn is the cinematographic reconstruction of the biography of the genius of flamenco music: Jos Monge Cruz, who is known worldwide as Camarn de la Isla. It is a journey through his life and oeuvre, a close look at this brilliant cantaor (flamenco singer) who innovated flamenco, influenced the new generations and broke down social and artistic barriers. His wishes, his successes and his...

Price: 23.95     ( 30.90 $ )
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Iberia - Carlos Saura - Dvd

Iberia, Carlos Sauras new movie.
Inspired by the work of the spanish composer Isaac Albniz (1860 - 1909), Iberia is a movie which integrates all the composants of a musical. Clasical ballet, contemporary ballet, spanish dance and flamenco: all entwined to create a masterpiece.
Sauras cine camara is like an artist in wing who observes the preparation, the rehearsal;  the...

Price: 0.00     ( 0.00 $ )
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47 Flamenco Scales by Jorge Berges

Score book - "47 Flamenco Scales" by Jorge Berges
47 Flamenco Scales with musical notation and tab with the fingering for both right and left hands. This book deals with only one technical aspect: a more effective way of using scales (picados in flamenco terminology). Some of these scales are currently used by some foremost guitarists such as Paco de Luca, Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Nez,...

Price: 18.95     ( 24.45 $ )
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\"Flamenco Jazz - Real Book\" Compiled by Guillermo McGill

 Score book "Flamenco Jazz - Real Book" Compiled by Guillermo McGill
65 Flamenco-Jazz compositions penned by some of the most important Spanish musicians:
Alfonso Gamaza, Angel Rubio, Carles Benavent, Francis Pos, Guillermo McGill, Jaco Abel, Jaima Muela, Jordi Bonell, Jorge Pardo, Nono Garca, Pedro Cortejosa, Pedro Ojesto, Perico Sambeat, Tito Alcedo

Price: 24.95     ( 32.19 $ )
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Guadiana \"Esencia\", dance, guitar and cante (vocals)

"Esencia" . This is the title of a show recorded live in one of the most traditional flamenco tablaos in the whole of Spain: Casa Patas.
Guadiana - canteDavid Cerreduela - guitarPol Vaquero - danceIvn Losada - guitarLucky Losada - cajnPedro Jimnez - piano
Themes featured:
1.- Que te olvidara - Granana Guadiana, CanteDavid Cerreduela, Guitar

Price: 24.95     ( 32.19 $ )
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Joyas Prestadas - Nia Pastori

In late February 2006, the Cdiz-born cantaora is scheduled to release the sixth album of her careerThe new repertoire consists of versions of songs popularized by Alejandro Sanz, Joan Manuel Serrat, Juan Luis Guerra, Antonio Machn and Jeros, among others. Standing out are songs such as Mediterrneo, Burbujas de amor, Angelitos negros and the copla Mara de la O, all of which were chosen...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Nikelao - Pedro Sierra

The second record by Pedro Sierra, in which he shows his mastery of both the solo guitar and the guitar accompaniment of singing and dancing. He is also the record's composer, producer and arranger. In the record, the bailaor (flamenco dancer) Israel Galvn has also taken part. Moreover, technical advances have allowed him to eliminate and replace the guitar accompaniment on old songs by Antonio...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Lo que no se d - Jos Merc

Jos Merc's 'Lo que no se da' new album has been produced on this occasion by Paco Ortega, following his hits managed by Vicente Amigo and Isidro Muoz. The record includes eleven songs, among them, alegras, fandangos, buleras, tangos and sole. Merc has triumphed before the greater public since releasing Del amanecer in 1998, with a formula of understandable flamenco which he has captured...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Flamenca - Ginesa Ortega

"Flamenca" is a significant return of Ginesa Ortega to her more flamenco roots. The singer offer a variety of eight different flamenco styles, from the seguiriya to the fandango and a cover of the bolero "Dos gardenias".

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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