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Pitingo con Habichuelas #112UN537

Pitingo con Habichuelas

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Pitingo con habichuelas is the first disc of Pitingo, sponsored by legends of flamenco with the collaboration of: the Habichuela's family (Pepe et Juan Habichuela, Juan Carmona and Antonio Carmona), Javier Barn and Carmen Linares. A flamenco disc that combines the most orthodox singing with stylish insolences that can not leave anyone indifferent (mixing flamenco and blues), but always with this flamenca voice very special. Antonio Pitingo composes (music and lyrics) with Jos Manuel Gamboa most of the themes of the disc.
Insolent and studious del cante, he shows us a new way of enjoying flamenco.

Born in Huelva, land of famous singers and of the most beautiful voices of the flamenco. He learnt to sing with his family, as he belongs to a big dinasty (like the Valencia, the Carpio). His family has such a long story of singing, he inherited his cante.

The first song 'Familia Habichuela' could be classified as a Soulera: happy result of the capacity to do determinated 'virgueras' with the voice, adjusting it at anytime to the comps of flamenco. Soul and flamenco require voices with a special colour and speed of execution that allows going through the scales of vertigo. Here are joined together two colours and two scales in an only concept: Flamenco-Soul.

  Disc 1
  1. Familia Habichuela (Souleria)
  2. El Molilo (Alegrias)
  3. A la Gala de la Rosa (Granana y media granana)
  4. Quisiera Amarte Menos (cancin por bulerias)
  5. Al Corazn (Soleares)
  6. Gloria pa la Gloria ! (Fandangos Caracoleros)
  7. Celos (Tangos)
  8. Por Jerez (Seguiriyas jerezanas)
  9. Los Quereles (Malaguea del meizo y pasodoble)
  10.Los Quereles (Malaguea del meizo y pasodoble)
  11. Fiesta por Tangos