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  • Suede Ankle Boots from Gallardo 152.07€ #504950006 Ref.: 504950006

    Suede Ankle Boots from Gallardo

    Professional flamenco boots from Gallardo made of plain leather, soles glued and stitched all the way up to the arch, nails on tiptoes and heels, specially placed by master craftsmen, very long lasting and comfortable, using only carefully pre-selected materials ensuring an exceptional product. Professional - A SeriesHandmade shoes from Gallardo. Leather is attached with nails, the sole is glued...

    Price: 152.07 € (Without taxes)
  • Filis (Soles) for Gallardo Shoes 4.46€ #50495FILIS Ref.: 50495FILIS

    Filis (Soles) for Gallardo Shoes

    Filis are soles that stick to the soles in order for the shoes to be nonslippering. If you have excellent Gallardo shoes but you danced so much with them that the filis are worn out, you can order filis and your shoemaker will fix them to the shoes. You'll be ready to dance again.

    Price: 4.46 € (Without taxes)
  • Nails For Flamenco Dance Shoes 4.00€ #503330013 Ref.: 503330013

    Nails For Flamenco Dance Shoes

    If you need new nails for your Flamenco shoes, you can get these ones. Each bag comes with around 100 nails.

    Price: 4.00 € (Without taxes)