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  • Canción Andaluza. Paco de Lucía 15.500€ #50113FN689 Ref.: 50113FN689

    Canción Andaluza. Paco de Lucía

    The posthumous disc by Paco de Lucía is "Canción Andaluza", the copla album that the famous guitarist finalized. Canción Andaluza is a trip through copla, like an artistic testament. It was the kind of music that he wanted to do in that moment of his life and in it he displays more his side as an arranger than the composer one. A work in which artists like Óscar de...

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  • Isabel Pantoja 15.500€ #50112UN626 Ref.: 50112UN626

    Isabel Pantoja

    This production comes from Mexico under the direction of the great Mexican artist Juan Gabriel, who has written five songs for this new album. This Isabel's new disc is a significant work in her professional career; this is her first incursion in the Mexican music. It’s a trip full of emotions, which musically includes the traditional ranchera and the contemporary ballad. Isabel Pantoja has...

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  • Clara Montes. A manos llenas 17.950€ #50112UN594 Ref.: 50112UN594

    Clara Montes. A manos llenas

    "A Manos llenas" the big return of Clara Montes, with shades of flamenco copla: a tribute to Rafael de León including some unpublished songs of the poet. You will find some of his collaborations with Pepe Habichuela, Juan Carmona and Jose Miguel Carmona. You'll find coplas as "Y sin embrago te quiero'', ''Pena penita pena'', ''Te quiero, te quiero'' and many more...

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  • Galeria de la Copla. Concha Piquer 9.500€ #50080615013 Ref.: 50080615013

    Galeria de la Copla. Concha Piquer

    Best of Concha Piquer: a trip through her discography and her greatest hits, with 16 songs. The queen of the copla Concha Piquer offers a best of including hits like "Limon, Limonero", "Ojos verdes", "A tu vera"... on this cd "Galeria de la Copla Ayer y hoy".

    Price: 9.50 € (Without taxes)
  • Luis Mariano. Lo mejor 2. CDS 7.950€ #50080421461 Ref.: 50080421461

    Luis Mariano. Lo mejor 2. CDS

    The best of Luis Mariano is a double CD, including a great selection of songs performed by Luis Mariano, always with his sweet voice, his pleasant physique and his radiant smile. This Basque tenor settled down in France. Jean Gabin said that there are two kinds of artists; the one you admire and the ones you love. Luis Mariano was in both categories.

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  • Antonio Molina 2CDS. Soy Minero y otras 7.950€ #50080422376 Ref.: 50080422376

    Antonio Molina 2CDS. Soy Minero y otras

    Antonio Molina, performer of songs like "Adiós a España", "Soy minero" or "Yo quiero ser mataor".Best of Antonio Molina, a travel all over his discography and his greatest hits through 24 songs.His legacy to the copla and flamenco area is intact and until today nobody was able to reproduce his voice capacities.

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  • Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS 7.950€ #50080424189 Ref.: 50080424189

    Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS

    Double cd, Best of Carmen Sevilla, including all her discography and greatest hits after 24 years of singing.Carmen Sevilla, one of the most beautiful and nicest woman among the Spanish profession, Maria del Carmen Garcia Galisteo showed a deep talent singing and dancing. At twelve years old she already triumphs together with Paquita Rico and Ana Esmeralda, on stage with Rapsodia in Spanish. Her...

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  • Manolo Escobar. 2CDS 7.950€ #50080423816 Ref.: 50080423816

    Manolo Escobar. 2CDS

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Lola Flores y Antonio Gonzalez. El rey de la rumba catalana. 2CDS 7.950€ #50080423984 Ref.: 50080423984

    Lola Flores y Antonio Gonzalez. El rey de la rumba catalana. 2CDS

    Lola Flore, copla singer, Spanish dancer and actress, well known for her strong character and her artistic personality under the name: "La Faraona". Antonio Gonzalez Batista, known as "El Pescailla", is one of the fathers of the Catalan rumba. Together they were bold enough to realize this interesting double CD, including 24 songs, rhythms and themes for everyone.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Lola Flores. 2CDS 7.950€ #50080422598 Ref.: 50080422598

    Lola Flores. 2CDS

    Lola Flores has always been bold enough to sing and dance over all kind of songs. As a proof of that this nice and interesting double CD with 24 songs, rhythms and songs for everyone.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
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