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  • Lola Flores y Antonio Gonzalez. El rey de la rumba catalana. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080423984 Ref.: 50080423984

    Lola Flores y Antonio Gonzalez. El rey de la rumba catalana. 2CDS

    Lola Flore, copla singer, Spanish dancer and actress, well known for her strong character and her artistic personality under the name: "La Faraona". Antonio Gonzalez Batista, known as "El Pescailla", is one of the fathers of the Catalan rumba. Together they were bold enough to realize this interesting double CD, including 24 songs, rhythms and themes for everyone.

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • Lola Flores. 2CDS 7.95€ #50080422598 Ref.: 50080422598

    Lola Flores. 2CDS

    Lola Flores has always been bold enough to sing and dance over all kind of songs. As a proof of that this nice and interesting double CD with 24 songs, rhythms and songs for everyone.

    Price: 7.95 € (9.33 USD)
  • La copla, siempre Lola Flores 16.25€ #50511BMG450 Ref.: 50511BMG450

    La copla, siempre Lola Flores

    Lola Flores "La Faraona".Her most popular songs are the ones collected on this CD: 'La Zarzamora', 'A tu vera', 'Al verde limón', 'Lola de España'.Her style is extremely personal and inimitable, characterized by her artistic and fascinating talent.She learned how to move on stage, how to sing, dance and move with the mastro Quiroga.Without a doubt Lola Flores will be remembered as one of the...

    Price: 16.25 € (19.06 USD)
  • Esencial Flamenco Vol. 1 5.95€ #50084510516 Ref.: 50084510516

    Esencial Flamenco Vol. 1

    "Esencial flamenco" is a cds collection including songs from important flamenco artists."Esencial flamenco vol.1" offers 14 themes, all sung by genius like Antonio El Sevillano, Lola Flores, Canalejas de Puerto Real, Manolo El Malagueño, El Turronero, Indio Gitano... among others.

    Price: 5.95 € (6.98 USD)
  • Self-Portrait. Estrella Morente 16.99€ #50112UN675 Ref.: 50112UN675

    Self-Portrait. Estrella Morente

    Self-Portrait is the first studio album in six years of Estrella Morente. Enrique Morente participated in the recordinguntil a few days before his death. Each track has a story. There are 15 tracks, more of an hour of music.Estrella's voice appears serene, innovative, contemporary and deeply rooted. She can go naturally to a work made with Pat Metheny or Michel Nyman to old sevillanas or habanera...

    Price: 16.99 € (19.93 USD)
  • Claros del Alma - Ana Salazar 15.95€ #50112UN557 Ref.: 50112UN557

    Claros del Alma - Ana Salazar

    The flamenco singer and dancer Ana Salazar reveals her calm in 'Claros del alma', her second disc.The flamenco dancer Ana Salazar shows, in 'Claros del alma', all the calm and sensitivity that was brought by her recent maternity, through twelve shorts with her own musical compositions and themes of Luz Casal or Lola Flores. With 'Claros del Alma', Ana Salazar starts as a composer with 'Andrés...

    Price: 15.95 € (18.71 USD)
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