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    La copla, siempre Lola Flores

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Te lo juro yo
    • 2. La zarzamora
    • 3. A tu vera
    • 4. Al verde limón
    • 5. Las cositas del querer
    • 6. Lerele
    • 7. Maldigo tus ojos verdes
    • 8. Lola de España
    • 9. Cuna caní
    • 10. Coplas de Antonio Ordoñez
    • 11. Concha Veneno
    • 12. Válgame la magdalena
    • 13. Tu cartel por la murallas
    • 14. Cuatro sevillanas de baile
    • 15. Ay España de mi alma
    • 16. Mi pelo negro
    • 17. Ay gitano, tano
    • 18. Mi embajadora
    • 19. Remedios la de Montilla
    • 20. Rosa Candelaria

    Lola Flores "La Faraona".
    Her most popular songs are the ones collected on this CD: 'La Zarzamora', 'A tu vera', 'Al verde limón', 'Lola de España'.
    Her style is extremely personal and inimitable, characterized by her artistic and fascinating talent.
    She learned how to move on stage, how to sing, dance and move with the mastro Quiroga.
    Without a doubt Lola Flores will be remembered as one of the most powerful artist, with a very strong spirit.
    "La Faraona" knew how to captivate the stages and the spectators with her dances and her enthusiast voice.

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