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    El Amor Brujo - Vhs - Pal

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    El Amor Brujo - Vhs - Pal Ref.: 504800003
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    Love, dance and death. These are the three keys to 'El amor brujo'. Carmelo is in love with Candela, whose father has arranged a marriage with José, according to Gypsy law. José, who even after marriage continues to see his mistress Lucía, dies due to a stabbing shortly after. Carmelo is accused of killing José and spends four years in jail because of it. When he returns to town, Carmelo horrified watches as Candela dances each night with José's spirit in the place where he was assasianted. A witch tells Carmelo to dance the dance of fire with Candela, in order to rid of the space that now keeps them appart. Their attempt fails and the only solution is for José's in-life lover to be the same in death.


    It's Gypsy tradition to arrange for marriage since childhood, without having a choice. This 'law' falls on Candela and José. Carmelo, another Gypsy, forever in love with Candela cannot help the ceremony from happening. The time comes for the wedding and even in the party José reinterates to Lucía the love he has for her. José is stabbed and dies and Carmelo if unfairly sent to jail for four years. Candela, reluctant to admit to his death, goes every night to the place where José died in search for his spirit. Carmelo does not believe the witchery scenes Candela tells him of when he comes out of jail. He confesses his love to Candela but she cannot feel the same in return because José's spirit stands in between them. Following a witch's advise they dance the "Ritual dance of fire" under a full moon. In the darkness, the spirit appears and the four characters meet to decide their fate.


    Carmelo: Antonio Gades

    Candela: Cristina Hoyos

    Lucía: Laura del Sol

    José: Juan Antonio Jiménez

    Witch: Emma Penella

    Pastora: La Polaca

    The wolf: Gómez de Jerez

    José father: Enrique Ortega

    Candela's father: Diego Pantoja

    Rocío: Giovanna

    Chulo: Candy Román

    Cantaores: Gómez de Jerez y Manolo Sevilla

    Guitar players: Antonio Solera, Manuel Rodríguez y Juan Manuel Roldán


    Director: Carlos Saura

    Story line and coreography: Carlos Saura y Antonio Gades

    Production: Emiliano Piedra

    Photography: Teodoro Escamilla

    Music: Manuel de Falla, interpretada por Rocío Jurado y la Orquesta Nacional de España, dirigida por Jesús López Cobos

    Decoration and wardrobe: Gerardo Vera

    Set: Pedro del Rey

    Direction assistant: Carlos Saura Medrano

    Shooting secretary: Julián Marcos

    Camera: Julio Madurga

    Sound: Daniel Goldstein

    Production chief: Emiliano Otegui

    Set manager: Gustavo Quintana

    Production assistant: Manuel Rincón

    Length: 103 min.

    VHS - PAL system

    Spanish language.

    Available only for PAL system videotapes.

    Dvd or Video PAL system for Europeam countries. Video NTSC system for Americam and Asinan countries.


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