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Clara Montes. A manos llenas

"A Manos llenas" the big return of Clara Montes, with shades of flamenco copla: a tribute to Rafael de Len including some unpublished songs of the poet. You will find some of his collaborations with Pepe Habichuela, Juan Carmona and Jose Miguel Carmona. You'll find coplas as "Y sin embrago te quiero'', ''Pena penita pena'', ''Te quiero, te quiero'' and many more...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Enrique Morente. Alegro sole y fantasa del cante

On this CD "Alegro Sole y Fantasa de cante", Morente is mixing two lines of musical art: flamenco and "formal" music. The main difference with previous works lies in the way to deal with the music: using the structure of the classical music. An unique experience, unprecendented, a real challenge that no one dared to take up before.

Price: 14.90     ( 19.22 $ )
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Esperando verte. Nia Pastori

Nia Pastori is coming back with a deep flamenco spirit with her new work "Deseando verte".After a break of almost three years, Nia Pastori is offering us her seventh disc, "Deseando Verte", a real "flamenco" work and "full of illusions". She composed this new disc with her husband, Chaboli, who also is taking care of their little girl.The artist also includes some themes from Buenos Aires and...

Price: 20.50     ( 26.45 $ )
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Miguel Poveda,Joan Albert Amargs, Chicuelo.Cante I Orquesta

EstThis project is born in 2000 of a co-production between the Barcelona Festival GREC, the Mercat of Musica Viva of Vic and the Taller of Musics. The premire has been offered on "Del Rei" square during the Barcelona Festival GREC'00, under the title "Flamenco en Orquestra" and after that this work is performed during the Mercat of Musica Viva of Vic.In 2004, on the Universal Forum of Cultures...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Sin Precedentes. Benavent. Di Geraldo. Pardo

This trio puts together Carles Benavent, Tino Di Geraldo and Jorge Pardo, considered as a band of authentic masters of the flamenco and jazz fusion. This musical ensemble has been created after the parting of the previous group of Pardo and Benavent, the sextet made history thanks to the New Flamenco and in 1998, during their tour among the most important festival, from Vitoria to...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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Pitingo. Soulera. Nueva Edicin

Pitingo y el guitarrista Juan Carmona (fundador del grupo Ketama) como estrellas principales proponen una inslita fusin entre pop, flamenco, soul y gspel.
Reedicin del disco de Pitingo 'Souleria' con exitosas adaptaciones como la de 'I Will Survive', 'Every Breath Yo Take' y 'Cuntame' o un homenaje a Los Chichos con la cancin 'Ella se vendr detrs de mi'. Adems incluye una versin...

Price: 17.95     ( 23.16 $ )
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Flamenco Big Band. Perico Sambeat

Flamenco Big Band is the new work of Perico Sambeat, including his compositions, his arrangements and direction.
Sambeat is one of the national jazz musicians with an amazing artistic career."Flamenco Big Band" is without any doubt his most challenging and international work.
Perico Sambeat presents his record "Perico Sambeat Flamenco Big Band", edited by Universal, Verve; between...

Price: 16.50     ( 21.29 $ )
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Raices y Alas. Carmen Linares

El nuevo trabajo discogrfico de Carmen Linares con el ttulo de ''Races y alas'' (Salobre 2008). En este trabajo la cantaora interpreta los poemas de Juan Ramn Jimnez sobre las composiciones del guitarrista Juan Carlos Romero. Se trata del octavo disco de estudio de la cantaora y el primero de su sello discogrfico, en este proyecto  se ha contado con la entusiasta colaboracin de la...

Price: 15.50     ( 20.00 $ )
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8 guitarras y un piano.(8 guitars and 1 piano). Manuel Moreno \"El Pele\"

"8 guitarras y un piano" acompany Manuel Moreno "El Pele" on his new record.Manuel Moreno "El Pele", singer from Cordoba, worked with great Spanish guitarists and with the pianist Isidro Muoz in the Studio La Marisma (El Roco). That is why his new work is called "8 guitars and 1 piano".
The eight guitarists are: Jos Antonio Rodrguez, Nio de Pura, Diego de Morao, Moraito Chicho,...

Price: 16.90     ( 21.80 $ )
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Pablo de Mlaga.Enrique Morente

'Pablo de Mlaga', the record that Enrique Morente has recorded and conceived in honour of Picasso in which he has adapted written texts by the artist from Mlaga.
''Pablo de Mlaga'' is a record of Enrique Morente for 2008. It comes up from the contact of  the cantaor (flamenco singer) with the written texts by Picasso, these texts, written in his handwriting , tells how was the...

Price: 16.95     ( 21.87 $ )
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