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Our Coplas / The World I dreamed about (Pack 2 X 1)- Pastora Soler

Pastora Soler, pack of cds ''Our coplas'' and ''The world i dreamed about''. Two essential records of Pastora Soler at the price of one.
These ''coplas', 'our coplas' sing once more from the Pastora Soler voice. This one, his first record ''Our coplas'' with ten topics as popular as ''Trini'', ''Romance of the queen Mara de las Mercedes'', ''Cape of grana and Gold'' amongst other. All...

Price: 15.50     ( 20.00 $ )
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Lola, irrepetible - Lola Flores

With the motivation of the 10th birthday of her death, here is the most complete compilation of la Faraona, 'Lola, Irrepetible'.More than 22 recordings of the years 40, 50 and 60 (like 'la Zarzamora', 'La nia de la venta', 'la Sebastiana' et 'Ay pena, penita, pena') + 15 edited for the first time in a digital version (like 'Ay Lola', 'Bulerias de Antonio Torres', 'la ventolera'....) extracted...

Price: 15.45     ( 19.93 $ )
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Quejo, El veterano - Juanito Valderrama

Valderrama is the living story of popular Spanish music. Without Juanito Valderrama's contribution Flamenco and Copla would hardly be where they are today.Valderrama is living proof that helps us understand the social, political and cultural evolution of Spain during the past 60 years.

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Quejio, su flamenco - Antoio Molina

Quejo su flamenco is a two disc, 40 track album. Songs include: Siete caballos de espuma (Serranas), Tientos de ay ay ay (Tientos), En m no reina alegra (Malaguea), Campanas de San Lorenzo (Soleares), El agua del avellano (Pregn), Fandango de la morana (Fandango de Huelva), Son tus dientes alheles (Guajira), Mar y rosas (Buleras), Seca el llanto y no me llores (Zambra), Lucero de la maana...

Price: 21.50     ( 27.73 $ )
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Flamenco pa\'tos antologicamente

The album, named anthologically, Emilio el Moro was produced by Juan Verd, it was edited in part by help from the Fundacin Autor and is the third volume of the series Flamenco Pa'tos. A portion of the proceeds go to children school of Gomaespuma in Calcutta (India.)

Price: 17.75     ( 22.90 $ )
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Manolo Escobar 30 aniversario

Manolo Escobar has made a good portion of his repertoire into authentic Spanish hymns. Songs like El Porompompero, Mi Carro, Que Viva Espaa and La minifalda still are. Not contect with this ordearl, his recordings hide behind them his multi-million succes, a good amount of master pieces like Viva el Vino y las Mujeres and Soy marinero.

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Su majestad el Pasodoble

This cd contents 16 pasodobles, like 'El gato monts', 'El Vito', 'Marcial, eres el ms grande','Espaa ca ','Domingo Ortega '.

Price: 8.50     ( 10.96 $ )
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ay! Malvaloca: Unpublished Recordings La Habana 1951-1952. Conchita Piquer

Those who did not have the chance to ear Conchita Piquer live, will be happy to do it through this marvellous CD. Conchita Piquer's unpublished recodings live from La Havana, between 1951 and 1952. Very high quality recordings. You will find songs like "Ay! Malvaloca" and "Sin embargo te quiero". This CD is an essential jewel. As sais Pablo Picasso: "The first time I have listenned to Conchita...

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Complete Recordings 1940 - 1948 / Conchita Piquer

Concha Piquer complete recordings 1940 - 1948.Consists of 3 cds plus a book of 64 pages with discography, pictures and lyrics of the songs.Contains, among other popular songs, "La parrala", "Tatuaje", "No me llames Dolores", "Ojos verdes", "No te mires en el ro", "A tu vera", "La Lirio", "Romance de la reina Mercedes", "A la lima y al limn", "Antonio Vargas Heredia", "Los Piconeros", "La nia...

Price: 29.25     ( 37.73 $ )
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Acoplados, Martirio y Chano Dominguez

This album of Martirio and Chano Domnguez  is a mix between the copla and the jazz. The singer Martirio and the pianist Chano Dominguez with their Big Band give us this terrific album Acoplados, in this CD editated by RTVE music with the colaboration of the Orquesta Sinfnica de RTVE, directed by Adrian Leaper.
It is the summary of his whole life, 25 years of work reflected in...

Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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