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Agua de mayo Agua de mayo
Her uncultivated style has matured with time and is shown in her new release 'Agua de mayo.' Produced in Crdoba by Queco, a person whom Susi only talks of in caring or thankful words. She has needed for someone to care and Queco pampered her. The first tracks are the the attention getters for the album.
La Susi's voice has a peculiar veil that seems to stroke in each note and is exciting no...
Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Baile Flamenco vol. 1 - Dvd Baile Flamenco vol. 1 - Dvd
The choreographies that are featured in Master Jos Galvn's CD, are now staged so that viewers may be able to perceive the variations between different types of costumes, arm movements, meters, zapateados (rhythmic combinations of sounds made by stepping with the toe, sole and heel of the foot), etc. It is very useful for elementary and medium level dance students. 
Price: 19.95     ( 25.74 $ )
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Brillo de luna Brillo de luna
In full artistic maturity and following a succesful career as cantaor for baile, Guadiana released a solo effort contributing his singular and valuable way of understanding traditional flamenco.
'Brillo de luna' (2002) was edited along with the Compaa de Nuevos Medios and it is an authentic token of new flamenco. It is a middle of the road between traditional flamenco and the ways of young...
Price: 18.05     ( 23.28 $ )
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Cante por cante (cd+libro didactico de flamenco) Cante por cante (cd+libro didactico de flamenco)
'Cante por cante' brings in a Cd and book package an innovative, accessible and informative method. With it you will be able to discern flamenco from its core essense, enjoy its cantes, their structures and artistic forms. The course is written by Jos Manuel Gamboa.
The album includes: An abreviated method to learn flamenco. Parts of cantes with rhythms, melodies, lyrics and tricks to...
Price: 27.15     ( 35.02 $ )
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El orgullo de mi padre - Pepe de Luca El orgullo de mi padre - Pepe de Luca
This recording has a varied selection of flamenco genres interpreted by the unique prism of this musical Andaluz art.
Price: 18.35     ( 23.67 $ )
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Eres luz - Nia Pastori Eres luz - Nia Pastori
'Eres Luz' was produced by Paco Ortega -he's the one who discovered Nia-, and it's full of happiness and cantes. Nia Pastori, with her voice, takes us deep inside the New Flamenco culture where all the cantes have a fres sound. This album features collaborations from Alejandro Sanz, Parrita, Paco Ortega and even from Paco, Mara's (Nia Pastori) brother, who wrote the rumba 'Como t, ninguna'...
Price: 16.65     ( 21.48 $ )
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Evocacin a Fernando Terremoto. En Comps de Origen Evocacin a Fernando Terremoto. En Comps de Origen
Recorded live at the Albeniz Theatre of Madrid, during the show with the same name. 
Directed by Manuel Morao. 
Cante: Antonio Nuez Chocolate, Maria Vargas, Fernando Terremoto (hijo), Ines Bacan. 
Guitarists: Juan Morao and Diego Amaya.
Price: 15.20     ( 19.61 $ )
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Flamenco pa'tos antologicamente Flamenco pa'tos antologicamente
The album, named anthologically, Emilio el Moro was produced by Juan Verd, it was edited in part by help from the Fundacin Autor and is the third volume of the series Flamenco Pa'tos. A portion of the proceeds go to children school of Gomaespuma in Calcutta (India.)
Price: 17.75     ( 22.90 $ )
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Flamencos del 2000 Flamencos del 2000
Flamencos del 2000 is a two disc compilation of the best songs of the best flamenco artists like El Capullo de Jerez: Dnde miraban tus ojos? (Bulera), Arcngel: Las yeguas (Cayuela-Drago), Vicente Soto Sordera: Dos clavellinas (Bulera), Jos Merc: El rebelao (Malaguea) and others.
Price: 23.85     ( 30.77 $ )
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Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Antonio Mairena Grandes cantaores del flamenco - Antonio Mairena
Antonio Mairena is the link between the great cantaores of the past and the splendid ones of today; he is the master that holds the golden key to old glories. He was an extraordinary cantaor who worked on the transcendental flamenco, distinguishing himself from the other cantaores. 13 tracks on this album; including Me muero yo (seguirillas de Triana,) Santa Justa y Rufina (soleares de Triana,)...
Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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