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... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos ... Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos
It was in 1990 when Ketama released 'Y es ke me han kambiao los tiempos', immediately achieving success among other flamenco musicians, a genre which they've enriched through a mixture of pop and Latin ryhthms. Let's not forge that Ketama spearheaded this flamenco-pop mix known as New Flamenco, almost 15 years ago.
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12 Exitos para dos guitarras flamencas - Paco de Lucia 12 Exitos para dos guitarras flamencas - Paco de Lucia
Ricardo Modrego and Paco de Luca recorded '12 Exitos para dos guitarras flamencas' in 1966. It consists of 12 tracks as well known as A tu vera, Mara de la O, Moliendo caf, Tangos de la vieja rica, Sevillanas populares, Ojos verdes, La luna y el toro, La nia de Puerta Oscura, La crcel de oro, No me digas que no and El emigrante.
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A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo - Dvd - Pal A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo - Dvd - Pal
The voice of Jos Menese dazzels us with its art and knowledge in an impressive show inspired in the Spanish Golden Age classics.
Recorded live in the Maestranza Theatre in Seville.
Price: 19.90     ( 25.67 $ )
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Agua de mayo Agua de mayo
Her uncultivated style has matured with time and is shown in her new release 'Agua de mayo.' Produced in Crdoba by Queco, a person whom Susi only talks of in caring or thankful words. She has needed for someone to care and Queco pampered her. The first tracks are the the attention getters for the album.
La Susi's voice has a peculiar veil that seems to stroke in each note and is exciting no...
Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Agua dulce - Tomatito Agua dulce - Tomatito
Tomatito has become a soloist of major significance within the realm of the flamenco guitar. His personal approach to both the festive and traditional formats in flamenco highlight his unique sensitivity and interpretative power. For more than a decade, he has combined loyalty to his racial heritage with an unusual ability to cross ideological barriers. New album of Tomatito with important guest...
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Al Compas del corazon flamenco Al Compas del corazon flamenco
Performed by several artists, Al Comps del Corazn Flamenco brings together the traits of classical flamenco recordings. The songs from the compilation have been published between 1965, 'Las Tapaeras del Sento' by La Perla de Cadiz, and 1996, 'Banderas Republicanas' by Carmen Linares. It is dificult to find a flamenco compilation album with such a broad selection of songs.
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Al verte las flores lloran - Camaron y Paco de Lucia Al verte las flores lloran - Camaron y Paco de Lucia
Perhaps Camarns most outstanding work was done with Francisco Snchez Gmez and Paco de Luca, the young guitarrist from Algeciras with whom he was part of the best flamenco due of the mid twentieth century. The first LP to be produced from their growing relationship was "Al verte las flores lloran" in 1969.
Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Antologa (Edicin de Lujo / 2CD'S + DVD) Antologa (Edicin de Lujo / 2CD'S + DVD)

This anthology is released, which, in a double CD, gathers pieces dating back to his early recordings from the 1960s 'Punta Umbra' and 'En la Caleta', passing through the rumbas, fandangos and tangos of the 1970s and 1980s, and which, of course, includes his famous 'Entre dos aguas'.

The DVD includes two live recordings.

- The famous 'Concierto de Aranjuez', recorded in 1991...

Price: 28.25     ( 36.44 $ )
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Arcangel Arcangel
Arcngel was awarded the 'Giraldillo' at the XII Flamenco Biennial, in Seville, something that strengthened him among the privileged of this Andalucian genre. 'Dame Limones', a single from his first record, was aired in radio stations all across the country for several months. This album has Tangos, alegra, rumbas, fandango, seguiriya, bulera and cante de trilla. Quality, quantity and a genious...
Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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Arco del pay pay - Carmen de la Jara Arco del pay pay - Carmen de la Jara

Carmen de la Jara, singer with total domination of the flamenco songs, considerated as an emblematic artist from Cdiz. Fernando Quiones defined her as "Cantora" and "Cantaora". This poet and essayist composed three songs for her before his death. Carmen included them on her first commercial disc. One of these themes is the title of the disc "Arco del Pay-Pay".

Price: 17.50     ( 22.57 $ )
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