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30 Grandes xitos y un ramito de violetas 30 Grandes xitos y un ramito de violetas

For the very first time, in two cds, the best songs of Manzanita. An incredible voice and a amazing carreer, in this compilation you will find tittles like 'Verde' or 'Ramito de violetas'.

Price: 23.05     ( 29.73 $ )
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Agua de mayo Agua de mayo
Her uncultivated style has matured with time and is shown in her new release 'Agua de mayo.' Produced in Crdoba by Queco, a person whom Susi only talks of in caring or thankful words. She has needed for someone to care and Queco pampered her. The first tracks are the the attention getters for the album.
La Susi's voice has a peculiar veil that seems to stroke in each note and is exciting no...
Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Almoraima - Paco de Luca Almoraima - Paco de Luca
Paco de Luca's solo recordings culminates its first period with Almoraina. It is a period dedicated to the creation of an original langauge.
Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Arcangel Arcangel
Arcngel was awarded the 'Giraldillo' at the XII Flamenco Biennial, in Seville, something that strengthened him among the privileged of this Andalucian genre. 'Dame Limones', a single from his first record, was aired in radio stations all across the country for several months. This album has Tangos, alegra, rumbas, fandango, seguiriya, bulera and cante de trilla. Quality, quantity and a genious...
Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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Autorretrato - Camaron de la Isla Autorretrato - Camaron de la Isla
'Autorretrato' is work every avid collector of the genre should have at home, just like any other one by the maestro. It is a compilation that dangerously approaches perfection, it has a broad range of palos and is capable of exciting the listner. Flameco art in its pure state.
Price: 11.50     ( 14.84 $ )
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Baila que Baila Baila que Baila

There are no less than 52 sevillanas, as well as another gift CD with five rumbas on it, so that it offers something for different tastes. Furthermore, the original sevillana 'No me dejes de mirar' has been composed by Antonio Romero Monje from Los del Ro, the duet who became famous.

Price: 18.90     ( 24.38 $ )
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Camarn de la Isla. La leyenda Camarn de la Isla. La leyenda

The great flamenco genius of the second half of the twentieth centurys definitive anthology. It features 77 songs that have been digitally re-mastered. This anthology is a priceless testimony of contemporary history, not just of flamenco, but also of popular Spanish and European music in our time, because the legendary cantaor (flamenco singer) filled up stadia and managed to bring flamenco...

Price: 38.95     ( 50.25 $ )
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Camaron: Anthology - Camaron de La Isla Camaron: Anthology - Camaron de La Isla
The definitive compilation; including unedited material.
In Camarn: Antologa we find nothing less than the songs that songs with which Jos Monge Cruz, a.k.a. Camarn de la Isla, excited our soul, made is tremble and obliged us to cry.
Price: 27.30     ( 35.22 $ )
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Canto - El Pele y Vicente Amigo Canto - El Pele y Vicente Amigo
'Canto' a disc with the variety of eguiriyas, rumbas, alegras, tangos, sevillanas and a sole, a palo of which both are experts. El Pels voice, yet another instrument, searches for emotion and finds it. Vicente Amigo's guitar sets a spell.
After 12 years of artistic space, Manuel Moreno Maya el pele and Vicente Amigo's collaboration is a watershed in itself for Flamenco music.
Price: 23.10     ( 29.80 $ )
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Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco) Con poderio (nuestro mejor flamenco)
A grouping of flamencos from the past and the present, along with a handful of songs that make history, and an overview of the young and daring flamenco, the one for rumbas, the one for the streets. On the flip-side a museum of vintage art, it was pure; the one from before, full of tints and shades.
With this 2 disc album one can enjoy a wonderful journey through all of Spain's flamenco from...
Price: 12.45     ( 16.06 $ )
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