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Entre vareta y canasta Entre vareta y canasta
Following a two year hiatus, Ramn Jimnez Salazar, Dieguito el Cigala, releases his sohpomore solo effort. A Madridian, he is accompanied by Nio Josele on guitar and several percussionists. This album represents an album with more of a classic touch than in his previous work. Given the tremendous power of his voice (Camarn's influence is evident,) he seems quieted at times because of the...
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Iberia - Carlos Saura - Dvd Iberia - Carlos Saura - Dvd

Iberia, Carlos Sauras new movie.

Inspired by the work of the spanish composer Isaac Albniz (1860 - 1909), Iberia is a movie which integrates all the composants of a musical. Clasical ballet, contemporary ballet, spanish dance and flamenco: all entwined to create a masterpiece.

Sauras cine camara is like an artist in wing who observes the preparation, the rehearsal;  the...

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Iberia de Carlos Saura (BSO) Iberia de Carlos Saura (BSO)

Carlos Saura gets close to flamenco again. At present he is shooting "Iberia", a film - not a documentary - in which classical ballet, contemporary and Spanish dance, and flamenco hold hands. On this occasion, Saura adapts the "Iberia" suite by the Spanish composer Isaac Albniz, which is considered his best composition.

Sara Baras, Antonio Canales , Manolo Sanlucar, Miguel ngel Berna...

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Mariana Pineda Basada en una obra de Federico Garca Lorca Mariana Pineda Basada en una obra de Federico Garca Lorca
In a superior performance of both Flamenco Ballet and Sara Baras art the version of MARIANA PINEDA is magnificent.
Mariana Pineda held in her hands, not to to defeat but to die for at a gallows, two weapons, love and freedom, that constantly stabbed her in the heart. Garcia Lorca wrote these words hours before the Buenos Aires release of...
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