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Al verte las flores lloran Al verte las flores lloran
Perhaps Camarns most outstanding work was done with Francisco Snchez Gmez and Paco de Luca, the young guitarrist from Algeciras with whom he was part of the best flamenco due of the mid twentieth century. The first LP to be produced from their growing relationship was "Al verte las flores lloran" in 1969.
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Antologia Indita Antologia Indita
A compilation album with unedited tracks and alternate recordings of songs from Camarn's different periods. A special album where we can find a very young Camarn at 16 years of age and at the very last traces of a mature cantaor; always with the emotion and feeling of the genius that has revolutionized Flamenco.
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Arte y Majestad Arte y Majestad
'Arte y majestad' is a piece by Camarn like no other; his was and vocal turns are present in each surco, even if the numbers are signed by Antonio Snchez. To prove this, one need only listen to the soleares, tarantas, seguiriyas and buleras which are dedicated to Curro Romero, whom he admired. Titi's tangos and some Cadiz cantias are also included. There are two natural fandangos and two...
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Autenticos Autenticos
The best selling artists, those who have stood out on the sales listings singing in spanish, are put together in this three disc album. The first two discs are mostly rumba rhythm with important artists from Spain and in the third disc there are emblematic songs and artists.
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Autorretrato Autorretrato
'Autorretrato' is work every avid collector of the genre should have at home, just like any other one by the maestro. It is a compilation that dangerously approaches perfection, it has a broad range of palos and is capable of exciting the listner. Flameco art in its pure state.
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b.s.o. sevillanas b.s.o. sevillanas
On January 1992 the filming for the movie 'Sevillanas' came to an end. The
movie was on the world of the danza and was released on January 28th of the
same year. The film is graced by guitarrists Manolo Sanlcar and Paco de
Luca, and Camarn de la Isla, Roco Jurado and Lola Flore. It showcased on
September 9th in the XLIX Mostra de Cine de Venecia under the experimental...
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Calle Real Calle Real
Camarn gets together with Paco de Luca, Tomatito (second guitar), while Rubem Dantas and Raimundo Amador, cajn and percussin respectively formed the rhythm section. Can we ask for anything more?. This is a flamenco masterpiece made by some of its heavyweights.
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Camaron (3 cd 's) Camaron (3 cd 's)
Camarn Recopilatorio consists of three discs: 'Al verte las flores lloran' 1969. 'Cada vez que nos miramos' 1970 .'Son tus ojos dos estrellas' 1973.
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Camaron - Paris 87 Camaron - Paris 87
This is clearly a reknowed artist not only in Spain but beyond our borders. This is a sonic document that proves Paris is also capable of glowing under this maestro's spell.
Seats were scarce at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris on 1987 to see a living legend of flamenco. A performance silentely hidden which has been brought to life to the delight of his fans.
Without a doubt, Camarn is the...
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Camarn de la Isla. Alma y corazn flamencos (3 CDs) Camarn de la Isla. Alma y corazn flamencos (3 CDs)
(Remasterizado y Digipack).
The company Universal Music has recovered and updated the voice of the cantaor from San Fernando on a triple album with thirty-three songs. The definitive publishing and mastering has been carried out in the mythical Abbey Road Studios in London directed by Luis Monge, Camarn's son.
The result will come out in a triple CD format with thirty-three titles 'and...
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Offer: 22.95     ( 29.61 $ )
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