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    Flamenco and Sevillanas (2 DVDs PAL) Special Pack from Carlos Saura

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    Flamenco and Sevillanas (2 DVDs PAL) Special Pack from Carlos Saura Ref.: 50552000CC
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    Now, the ''Sevillanas'' and ''Flamenco'' movies from Carlos Saura are in digital and in the most up to date versions.
    'Sevillanas' de Carlos Saura... es una película fascinante que sin duda agradecerán cuantos aman la danza y el cante. La mirada del director Carlos Saura nos ofrece una visión amplia, generosa y personal de las sevillanas: de lo popular a lo más sofisticado del género, desde las elegantes sevillanas boleras y cortesanas, a las sevillanas que se bailaban en los corrales de vecinos y que todavía se conservan milagrosamente: la mejor demostración del sorprendente e inagotable universo rítmico que con aún atesoran las sevillanas. ''Sevillanas'' es una de las dos producciones españolas más premiadas internacionalmente.

    Duración 52 minutos.

    ''Sevillanas'' from Carlos Saura is a fascinating movie that without a doubt the amateurs of dance and song will be grateful.

    The look by the director Carlos Saura offers us a large looking approach, generous and personal from the Sevillanas: from the popular to the most sophisticated of the genre, from the elegant sevillanas boleras and cortesanas, to the sevillanas which is danced in the neighbour courtyard and are still conserved miraculously: the best demonstration of the amazing and inexhaustible rhythmic universe that with still accumulate las sevillanas. ``Sevillanas´´ is one of the two spanish productions with more international awards.

    Duration: 52 minutes.

    ''Flamenco''from Carlos Saura... The first figures, more than a hundred, give the best of them in this unequalled movie of the movie history. The magic of the moment , the spontaneity of the gesture, the body expression, the force of the voice, capture in the brillant way by the director Carlos Saura, that, on this occasion, raises the art to the category of work of art, and all this, under the special supervision of Vittorio Storaro (winner of 3 photograph Oscars), who since the dust until dawn, recreate the light and the colours of water, the fire, the air and the ground. For the first time, the best and the more representative of the song, the playing and the dance are at the reach of everyone, in the definitive work about the universal art: ``Flamenco from Carlos Saura´´

    Duration 100 minutes.

    Valid for all types of player or video recorder compatible with PAL system.

    PAL Video or the DVD system is valid for the European countries and Australia.
    The NTSC video system is valid for the American countries and Asia.
    Please, check before placing your order.

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    • Flamenco DvdFlamenco Dvd
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