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  • La Ranchulería. Miguel Reyes Mexican Flamenco Quartet. CD 9.920€ #50489RGB-RANCHULERIA Ref.: 50489RGB-RANCHULERIA

    La Ranchulería. Miguel Reyes Mexican Flamenco Quartet. CD

    Miguel Reyes Quartet presents their first disc “La Ranchulería” that is an homage to great Mexican composers. They are bulerías-rancheras with a Cuban touch. “La Ranchulería” has the unmistakable hallmark of the art of the different ethnic groups. It is the union of races where rhythms, pulses and cadences of different cradle voices are combined. In...

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  • Olé Y Amén. Pitingo 17.975€ #50112UN643 Ref.: 50112UN643

    Olé Y Amén. Pitingo

    The new disc of PINTINGO "Olé y Amen" mixes the most soul flamenco that did Souleria the most important disc in2008 and 2009 and the purest roots of flamenco. Artist revelation in 2008/ Mention of the best fusion of othermusics during the Ondas prize in 2009.More than 150 discs sold with Souleria.More than 200.000 people saw the show in Spain.This new disc will have 50% of flamenco passing...

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  • Moroneando. SonAires de la Frontera 11.985€ #50046BJ206 Ref.: 50046BJ206

    Moroneando. SonAires de la Frontera

    The band SonAires de la Frontera, which the old name was Son de la Frontera, brought out a new disc called Moroneando. Moroneando, flamenco fusion style, is a disc which is a change of Son de la Frontera and which goes on with the audible line of these universal flamenco sounds. The flamenco guitarist Paco de Amparo leads this change of Son de la Frontera with his new formation SonAires de la...

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  • Chicuco. Sergio Monroy 11.985€ #50046BJ179 Ref.: 50046BJ179

    Chicuco. Sergio Monroy

    In his second disc “Chicuco”, we find a Serge Monroy more mature in an artistic way, more advanced, however we don’t forget from where he is. In his keys, we find him, his old and new masters. He knows flamenco and he is flamenco, he absorbed it since he was a child but he never renounced to other styles of music. A great dish for acute palates; the quintessence of the flamenco...

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  • Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición 17.975€ #50112UN591 Ref.: 50112UN591

    Pitingo. Soulería. Nueva Edición

    Pitingo y el guitarrista Juan Carmona (fundador del grupo Ketama) como estrellas principales proponen una insólita fusión entre pop, flamenco, soul y góspel. Reedición del disco de Pitingo 'Souleria' con exitosas adaptaciones como la de 'I Will Survive', 'Every Breath Yo Take' y 'Cuéntame' o un homenaje a Los Chichos con la canción 'Ella se vendrá detrás de mi'. Además incluye una...

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  • La orilla de mi pelo. Niña Pastori 16.940€ #50113FN658 Ref.: 50113FN658

    La orilla de mi pelo. Niña Pastori

    "La orilla de mi pelo" is the album of 2011 of the singer. A work with pop predominance on flamenco. As first single, thematter that brings the title to the collection with a video filmed in the skyscraper's city.From the first second of the song, we gues there's a change in her style. This time, the flamenco choirs and the lively rythmis what we feel the most in the artist from San Fernando,...

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  • Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary 17.975€ #50112UN574 Ref.: 50112UN574

    Flamenco inheritance - Ketama - Documentary

    It’s already on DVD the documentary about the Ketama group, directed by the german Michael Meert. It’s dedicated to Ray Heredia, member founder of Ketama, and also to the departed Antonio Flores. But the movie is also a revision of the history of three flamenco generations: The Habichuela (Juan and Pepe), their children (who integrated into Ketama) and their grandchildren: represent the past,...

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  • Dos Lágrimas. Diego El Cigala - CD 19.750€ #50113FN580 Ref.: 50113FN580

    Dos Lágrimas. Diego El Cigala - CD

    'Dos lágrimas' is the second part of the famous CD "Lágrimas Negras". In this second album the cuban pianist Guillermo Rubalcana take the place of Bebo Valdés.This new album contains a mix between flamenco music and boleros, chachacha, copla and tango. This CD offers new songs versions as "Dos Gardenias" and "Compromiso" by Antonio Machin, or some coplas as "Maria de la O" by Rafael de Leon...

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  • Flamenco Big Band. Perico Sambeat 18.510€ #50112UN583 Ref.: 50112UN583

    Flamenco Big Band. Perico Sambeat

    Flamenco Big Band is the new work of Perico Sambeat, including his compositions, his arrangements and direction. Sambeat is one of the national jazz musicians with an amazing artistic career."Flamenco Big Band" is without any doubt his most challenging and international work. Perico Sambeat presents his record "Perico Sambeat Flamenco Big Band", edited by Universal, Verve; between the soleá,...

    Price: 18.51 € (Without taxes)
  • Soulería by Pitingo - CD+DVD 17.975€ #50112UN575 Ref.: 50112UN575

    Soulería by Pitingo - CD+DVD

    ''Soulería'' stared by Pitingo and Juan Carmona, proposes an insolite fusion between the pop, flamenco, soul and gospel with the emerged singer Pitingo and the guitarist Juan Carmona (founder of the group Ketama) as principal stars. ''Soulería'' supposes a daring mix of flamenco traditional track (trilla, granaína and fandango) and the succes of Bob Marley, The Beatles, Police, Otis Redding,...

    Price: 17.98 € (Without taxes)
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