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Picasso en mis ojos - Diego \'El Cigala\'

''Picasso en mis ojos'' is an authentic gem. It is the fifth solo album by Diego El Cigala, a purebreed cantaor (flamenco singer) who is acclaimed for his gypsy voice. It is dedicated to Picasso (Málaga, 1881-Mougins 1973), the great genius of contemporary painting and the creator of Cubism.The fact is that Diego El Cigala is featured with accompaniment by the guitars of Paco de Lucía, Tomatito,...

Price: 21.50 €    ( 27.73 $ )
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Pa Saber de Flamenco 4

"Pa Saber de Flamenco 4" is more a gem that a simple CD.It contains flamenco artists voices from all periods.Voices and guitars from Camaron de la Isla to Paco de Lucia, and more like Manolo S anlucar and Carmen Linares. You will also find classical voices as Antonio Mairena, Porrina de Badajoz, Manolo Caracol or El Chato de la Isla.This fourth volume of the collection "Pa saber de flamenco"...

Price: 9.90 €    ( 12.77 $ )
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Pa saber de flamenco 3

This is the third cd of ‘Pa saber de flamenco’, which is a really good flamenco album
In this album you will find an amazing version of a gipsy solea of Enrique de Melliza, one of the most beautiful demonstrations of love for the flamenco art.
Includes also two samples of cantinas and alegrias from Manolo Sanlucar and caracoles from Juanito Valderrama.
You will also find...

Price: 9.90 €    ( 12.77 $ )
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Pa saber de flamenco 2

From the jazzy flamenco to the pure flamenco, 'Pa saber del flamenco2' is a compilation of popular songs of the flamenco. This cd is an ideal compilation to have a home, you'll find tittles of Camaron, Duquende, Paco de Lucía, El Lebrijano, Manolo Sanlúcar, Carmen Linares, Marina Heredia, Fosforito, Caracol, Mairena.

Price: 9.90 €    ( 12.77 $ )
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Pa Saber de flamenco

This album holds together recordings by important figures of cante such as Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía, Bambino or Carmen Linares.It is a compilation of a medley of of styles with recordings from recent years. La Leyenda del Tiempo, Camarón's legendary album and one of the major landmarks in the history of flamenco, is where Pa Saber de Flamenco starts off. It's about a tool to be used in...

Price: 9.90 €    ( 12.77 $ )
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Pack pa saber de flamenco (4 cds)

With this pack we offer you the possibility to purchase the four volumes for an unbeatable price."Pa saber flamenco" is a high quality and varied anthology. Perfect for those who need a flamenco initiation or for those who want to re-discover the flamenco world. These four volumes contain a good selection of the main flamenco "palos".

Price: 25.75 €    ( 33.22 $ )
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Limón - Javier Limón

Limón, composed and arranged by Javier Limón himself, is the record that begins the activity of the record label that the recognised musician and producer.Javier Limón starts a new record label under the name "Casa Limón" with this release of a solo album that joins many guests artists suchs as Paco de Lucía, Niño Josele, Potito, Guadiana, Montse Cortés, La Tana and Bebo Valdés .

Price: 20.95 €    ( 27.03 $ )
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Flamenco Box Set

Flamenco Box Set contains 3 Cd's with the best songs by the best interpreters of flamenco. Artists such as Camaron de la Isla, Tomatito, Paco de Lucia, Jose Soto " El Sorderita", "El Lebrijano", Antonio Mairena, La Paquera de Jerez, Jose Mercé, Manolo Caracol, Carmen Linares, Pata Negra, Ketama, Raimundo Amado and many others.

Price: 37.80 €    ( 48.76 $ )
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Flamenco Vivo

A compilation of the greatest artists of all times such as Paco de Lucia, Porrina de Badajoz, El Lebrijano, Naranjito de triana, Duquende con Manzanita, Ana Reverte, José el de la Tomasa, El Turronero, Manolo Sanlucar , El Cabrero, Parrita and many others.

Price: 7.35 €    ( 9.48 $ )
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Los gitanos cantan a Lorca

The Gypsies sing Lorca in once disc. Lorcas poems are sung in the flamenco style. Fantastic.

Price: 13.65 €    ( 17.61 $ )
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