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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  Sevillanas  ::  Seleccion de sevillanas de oro vol.5
Seleccion de sevillanas de oro vol.5 #515EMI297
Seleccion de sevillanas de oro vol.5
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:: Los Marismeos  More songs of this artist :: Cantores de Hispalis  More songs of this artist :: Amigos de Gins  More songs of this artist :: Romero San Juan  More songs of this artist :: Los Romeros de la Puebla   More songs of this artist :: Los Marismeos  More songs of this artist :: Requiebros   More songs of this artist :: Los Hermanos Reyes  More songs of this artist :: Manuel Linares  More songs of this artist :: Marisma   More songs of this artist :: La Esmeralda de Sevilla   More songs of this artist :: Brumas   More songs of this artist :: Los del Guadalquivir   More songs of this artist :: Albahaca   More songs of this artist
  Disco 1
  1. Capricho sevillano - Los Marismeos
  2. Desde 'Cai' a Sevilla - Amigos de Gins
  3. Carta a Manuela - Los Romeros de la Puebla
  4. Que estn bailando - Requiebros
  5. Asmate - Manuel Linares
  6. Recuerdo - Marisma
  7. A mi novia Carmela - Los Marismeos
  8. Amapola - Brumas
  9. De fiesta - Los del Guadalquivir
  10.Juegos de antes - Albahaca
  11.La danza del amor - Cantores de Hspalis
  12.Arrmate - Romero San Juan
  13.La Toa y la Malena - Los Marismeos
  14.Tiene dueo - Los Hermanos Reyes
  15.Que en Sevilla hay que morir - Amigos de Gins
  16.Los cuatro novios - La Esmeralda de Sevilla
  17.Sevilla de mi niez - El Pali
  18.Ese lunes de Roco - Los Marismeos
As is suggested by its name, Seleccion de Sevillanas de Oro, each volume holds Sevillian songs that thanks to broadcasts, the popularization of the genre and some splendid lyrics have crossed over borders and are danced to around the world.
We have great artists from this flamenco palo, duets and groups like Hermanos Toronjo, Hermanos Reyes and Los Giraldillos, followed by Los Romeros de la Puebla, Los Rocieros, Los Marismeos, Amigos de Gines, Los de la Trocha, Los Bayuncos and  El Pali and dozens of unforgetable tracks. There is also the "revolution" of Cantores de Hspalis; groups like Ecos de las marismas; solo artists like Romero Sanjun, El Mani, Mara del Monte y Manuel Orta and bands like Brumas, Marisma and Ecos del Roco.
From the first to the fourth, the Sevillians are sung and danced to; the remaining four are beautiful boleros that may also be danced to.
Some say that the Sevillian's dance is the most erotic one around. Simply remember the sensual evolutions of the couple dancing from the first to the fourth.