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  • De los cobardes nunca se ha escrito nada. Peret 18.95€ #50112UN605 Ref.: 50112UN605

    De los cobardes nunca se ha escrito nada. Peret

    Peret, 74 years old, release his last disc "De los cobardes nunca se ha escrito nada". The most audacious if his career, he offers a music that has affected him when he was beginning to sing. Peret rebuilds his roots and adapt them to the "rumbero" style, to the "cuplé", the tango, the "Rascayú" of Bonet de San Pedro, the copla and the Caribbean music.   "El muerto vivo" is the first single...

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  • Los Chichos Oro. 35 Anniversary 17.95€ #50112UN590 Ref.: 50112UN590

    Los Chichos Oro. 35 Anniversary

    "Los Chichos Oro de la rumba somos los dueños". 35th anniversary special edition.For their 35th anniversary and after the success of "Hasta aquí hemos llegado", the most "rumbero" group among the national panorama is relaunching the disc of their greatest hits "Todos Chichos" vo, including their work on 3 fantastic cds under the title "Los Chichos Oro".

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  • Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos 20.50€ #50112UN585 Ref.: 50112UN585

    Hasta aquí hemos llegado. Los Chichos

    Since 1973... During these 35 years, Los Chichos have turned into a Spanish icon, a brand or more, a monument, such as the Osborne bull or "Las Ventas" square. During three decades Los Chichos went with the Spaniards everywhere: on Holidays, in parties, in the good moments but also in the bad ones...They overcame the trends, the governments... with simplicity, since today, with this tribute CD:...

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  • Todo Chichos - (3 Cd's) 17.75€ #50112UN365 Ref.: 50112UN365

    Todo Chichos - (3 Cd's)

    Released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Los Chichos’ first LP, this triple CD collects their most important singles. The songs in this compilation allowed them to sell over 17 million copies of their records. With their career, these hits and these sales figures, it is clear that Los Chichos can claim that “we are the masters of the rumba” without blushing.

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  • Todo Chunguitos - Los Chunguitos 17.95€ #50515EMI562 Ref.: 50515EMI562

    Todo Chunguitos - Los Chunguitos

    The greatest hits by Los Chunguitos, including their 22 most famous songs.La recopilación audiovisual más completa de Los Chunguitos contiene 1 CD con 22 temas remasterizados a partir de las cintas analógicas originales.

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  • Los Chunguitos. Abre Tu Corazon 12.00€ #50506070847 Ref.: 50506070847

    Los Chunguitos. Abre Tu Corazon

    On this disc "Abre tu Corazón" by Los Chunguitos, you will find a lot of songs including featuring famour Spanish singers: Melendi, ElBicho, Danza Invisible, Seguridad Social, Amparanoia....among others.

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  • Los Chunguitos. La Medalla 10.50€ #50506070618 Ref.: 50506070618

    Los Chunguitos. La Medalla

    Los Chunguitos mix gipsy rumba and melodic Spanish song, and they talked about marginalization and poverty in the neighborhood. More or less their themes are the same used by Los Chichos.On this disc you'll find famous songs such as "La Medalla".

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  • Los Chunguitos. Morir De Amor 9.95€ #50506070779 Ref.: 50506070779

    Los Chunguitos. Morir De Amor

    After a long and successful musical career, the pioneers of the Salazar saga, the brothers of the Azucar Moreno group and cousins of the Alazán duo, are presenting their new cd "Morir de amor".

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  • Los Chunguitos. Chunguitos 9.95€ #50506050719 Ref.: 50506050719

    Los Chunguitos. Chunguitos

    Los Chunguitos are the masters of the nostalgic rumba, singing about the life in the neighborhood and about feelings. On this cd, "Los Chunguitos" you'll find eleven songs, some of them very famous as "La Medalla", "18 Primaveras", "Mirala como baila"... among others.

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  • Los Chunguitos. Autentico 9.95€ #50506051396 Ref.: 50506051396

    Los Chunguitos. Autentico

    A new disc "y van veintitantos", under the title "Autentico", the last cd proving that Los Chunguitos are back after 3 years without recording. On this new work they also offer a special version of the famous theme "Melancolía" by Camilo Sexto.

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