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Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o) #112UN125
Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o)
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  Disco 1
   1. El vaquilla
  2. Ella se llamaba Ana
  3. Campo de la bota
  4. Antes que tuya fue mia
  5. Seor, aydame
  6. Yo quiero a mai
   7. Cartas de arrepentimiento
  8. Gitanos de piel morena
  9. Mis hermanos
   10. Mi condena cumpl
This 1985 release is the sountrack to Jos Antonio de la Loma's film about the life of some adloscent delinquents better known in Spain.
Los Chichos served up an unmatchable soundtrack to the film.
In his autobiography, El Vaquilla said:
'When we went to play golf we always played its music in stolen cars. Even so, sometimes we would go looking for a car and if it didn't have a cassete player we would find another one'.