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Oro - Manzanita #113SME225

Oro - Manzanita

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:: Manzanita   More songs of this artist
This album my Manzanita is truly music for the soul. The album brings the best from southern Spain, with an unique voice and feel that makes even the soul vibrate, especially through the song 'Por tu ausencia'.
Manzanita piles up the hits he composes himself - 'Gitana', 'Por tu ausencia', - but is also known for his covers which he has made popular once again like 'La quiero a morir' and 'Ramito de violetas'.
However, he has become recognized mostly because of poetry. Many of 'his' poems have been largely succesful in flamenco without any precedent. 'Poco Ruido y Mucho Duende', his first solo album, displayed his love for giving music to his favorite poems, making 'Verde' by Lorca one of his first major hits.
  Disco 1
  1. Por tu ausencia
  2. Gitana
  3. Rumba escabrosa
  4. Verde
  5. Pena y fuego
  6. Liberate
  7. Ni contigo ni sintigui
  8. Sarairo
  9. Talco y bronce
  10. Un ramito de violetas
   11. Bulemias
  12. Cuando lan oche te envuelve
  13. Brisa
  14. Para que vuelvas
  15. Mal de amores
   16. Los piconeros
   17. Quiero confesarte
   18. La quiero a morir
  19. Caballito volador
   20. Tu marcha