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Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o)

This 1985 release is the sountrack to Jos Antonio de la Loma's film about the life of some adloscent delinquents better known in Spain. Los Chichos served up an unmatchable soundtrack to the film. In his autobiography, El Vaquilla said:'When we went to play golf we always played its music in stolen cars. Even so, sometimes we would go looking for a car and if it didn't have a cassete player we...

Price: 8.40     ( 10.84 $ )
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Lo mejor de Gipsy Kings

As the title 'Lo mejor de los Gipsy Kings' suggests, this album is the Gypsy Kings at their best. Uniquely gifted and with an unmatchable talent, the Gypsy Kings have carried on with the tradition of flamenco rumba. They play their modern version of this gypsy stile with a blend of French, Spanish and Catalan lyrics. The Gypsy Kings' exotic appeal comes from their unique ethnic heritage (Spanish,...

Price: 30.45     ( 39.28 $ )
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Gipsy Kings

For the album 'Gispy Kings', the band had to bring in new musicians and although at first the change in line up halted them a little it wound up fitting perfectly. With this release, the Gypsy Kings broke into the international market. It was as a surprise for they were in the top 10 listings in Europe. 'Bamboleo' and 'Djobi Djoba' became hits in a dozen countries and over 150,000 copies were...

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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In 1989 the salsa superstar Rubn Blades collaborated with the band on the song 'Caminando por la Calle' for their 'Mosaque' release. Mosaque was later nominated for a Best Music Artist in the World award.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Love songs

With their fresh version so of well known tunes the Gipsy Kings break in to the international market. They brought their pieces with flamenco and latino flavors and perfected their instrumental techniques. They hit the nail right on the spot for their flamenco blend with salsa, romanticism, arab and marroquian rhythms was widely liked. Other reasons for their success are their impecable abilities...

Price: 14.15     ( 18.25 $ )
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The Gypsy Kings' exotic appeal comes from their unique ethnic heritage (Spanish, French and North African influences,) and in turn has helped them achieve their success. They are they only band today that plays th style labeled as flamenco rumba.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Grandes Exitos - Chiquetete

Chiquete's best known hits are brought together in this album, 'Grandes Exitos.' He is a beloved artist from north to south and from coast to coast in America. In Spain he is a classic, a genious and a icon of the race. He is trully a flamenco icon, he has been making music since the 70's with a romantic and elegant style. His songs were likeable balads produced by the legendary Paco Cepero.

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Fruto del amor - Parrita

Parrita does not provide anything new in this Fruto del amor album, named after a song he wrote about the joy being a father has brought him. He uses yet again the same recipe that has always made him succesful. Flamenco-like songs, balads and emotional lyrics. Some tracks are are stunningly similar to others.

Price: 17.65     ( 22.77 $ )
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Nueva Ilusiones - Parrita

Nuevas Ilusiones is the 1985 release of this Gypsy cantaor with a splendidly tuned voice. Ketama and Paco de Luca have had collaborations in the past. Ketama is best known for his flamencos, his blends of pop balads with pieces of classic flamenco topped off with fiesta touches. With arrangements and musical direction by Ricardo Miralles and a special collaboration with Juan Manuel Caizares,...

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Lo mejor de... Tijeritas

Lo mejor de... Tijeritas is one of the best compilations of the best light Gypsy music. Tijeritas quickly stood out in his generation of flamenco artists because of his voice and unusual traits for fusing his cante style of more popular styles like flamenco-pop. He is distinguishible for his great talent and unique melodic signature.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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