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Km 8 - Siempre As

With fresh rumbas and the happiness of the spanish music, you will find here a classical party in live, 'Vamos a escucha', in which we always invite some of our artisic friends. Like Los Moranos, Jos Manuel Soto and Concha Martin. 'Siempre Asi' fans should remember Conchita with her song 'De mis entraas...'. If before the song was 'A mi manera', this time Concha sings the classical 'Venecia sin...

Price: 18.85     ( 24.32 $ )
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cantando que es gerundio

Already established artists in Spanish music, 'Siempre As' got to record their third album with an international label. The 100.000 copies the sold of 'Cantando que es gerundio' were amply surpassed after this band claimed popularity for their performance in Infanta D Cristina y D. Iaki Urdangarin's bachelor party. This time around, their formula was the same flamenco pop that made their two...

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Jeros para siempre

More than one hour with the music of Jeros y los Chichos.

Price: 8.90     ( 11.48 $ )
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Los Chichos sus 22 mejores canciones (2 cd\'s)

Released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Los Chichos first LP, this triple CD collects their most important singles. The songs in this compilation allowed them to sell over 17 million copies of their records. With their career, these hits and these sales figures, it is clear that Los Chichos can claim that 'we are the masters of the rumba' without blushing.

Price: 22.05     ( 28.44 $ )
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'Cabibi' : Vuelve el sonido de los chichos.Los Chichos' new album seems to have been built in the same place where there are those who work for a more honorable city and a society where shadows and sirens put people in suspense every two minutes. In the oppossite direction of violence and social inequality, Los Chichos release this album with beautiful songs in the midsts of noises of engines,...

Price: 19.95     ( 25.74 $ )
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Ladrn de Amores

Ladrn de amores is Los Chichos' first album in ten years. Los Chichos, one of the most succesfull groups in Spain and of the rumba genre, release this new effort with 10 new songs. 'Ladrn de Amores' is the first diana of an with lyrics drawing from past years of rumba and music similar to rumba pieces from Los Chichos in the 70's. For this release, the brothers crossed the Atlantic in...

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Ni mas ni menos

In its day, 'Ni ms ni menos' was a big hit in the rumba genre which crossed over to get heavy rotation in pop radio stations and compete with rock hits like no other.

Price: 18.35     ( 23.67 $ )
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Para que tu lo bailes

Its music is a contemporary version of Gypsy rumba with lyrics that reflect on urban life.

Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Bailaras con alegria

The 1981 release 'Bailars con alegra' was titled after one of the tracks on the album. In addition, the track, was one of the band's most popular ones.

Price: 9.45     ( 12.19 $ )
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Yo, el Vaquilla (b.s.o)

This 1985 release is the sountrack to Jos Antonio de la Loma's film about the life of some adloscent delinquents better known in Spain. Los Chichos served up an unmatchable soundtrack to the film. In his autobiography, El Vaquilla said:'When we went to play golf we always played its music in stolen cars. Even so, sometimes we would go looking for a car and if it didn't have a cassete player we...

Price: 8.40     ( 10.84 $ )
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