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Al verte las flores lloran - Camaron y Paco de Lucia

Perhaps Camarns most outstanding work was done with Francisco Snchez Gmez and Paco de Luca, the young guitarrist from Algeciras with whom he was part of the best flamenco due of the mid twentieth century. The first LP to be produced from their growing relationship was "Al verte las flores lloran" in 1969.

Price: 10.35     ( 13.35 $ )
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Arte y Majestad - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

Arte y majestad' is a piece by Camarn like no other; his was and vocal turns are present in each surco, even if the numbers are signed by Antonio Snchez. To prove this, one need only listen to the soleares, tarantas, seguiriyas and buleras which are dedicated to Curro Romero, whom he admired. Titi's tangos and some Cadiz cantias are also included. There are two natural fandangos and two...

Price: 11.50     ( 14.84 $ )
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Soy caminante - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

This is an amazing album of Camaron  in which you will find once again the amazing Paco de Lucia playing guitar next to Camaron. The have both compose the music of this album in 1974. 

Price: 12.55     ( 16.19 $ )
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Son tus ojos dos estrellas - Camarn y Paco de Lucia

Camarn and Paco's third full lenght was released in 1971 under the title 'Son tus ojos 2 estrellas'.Through this album, Camarn ratifies his relevance. What seemed promising in his previous album simply solidified in this 1971 effort. His importance is made clear not only by his original quejidos but becuase of his particular personality as a cantaor. His music is constantly on the radio and is...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Dos guitarras en stereo - Paco de Luca y Ricardo Modrego

Dos guitarras en stereo is an album recorded in 1965 of the guitars of Paco de Luca and Ricardo Modrego, the first guitarrist of the accompanying band of the bailaor Jos Greco.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Calle Real - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

Camarn gets together with Paco de Luca, Tomatito (second guitar), while Rubem Dantas and Raimundo Amador, cajn and percussin respectively formed the rhythm section. Can we ask for anything more?. This is a flamenco masterpiece made by some of its heavyweights.

Price: 11.50     ( 14.84 $ )
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El mundo del flamenco - Paco de Lucia,Pepe de Lucia,Ramon de Algeciras

El mundo del flamenco (1971).This is one of the first flamenco recordings where the bailaor's taconeo is included as another instrument. This recording has a varied selection of flamenco genres interpreted by the unique prism of this musical Andaluz art: The cante, the toque and the baile. The cante is performed by Paco de Luca's brother. Paco along with his other brother, Ramn de Algeciras,...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Mara Vargas and Paco de Lucas guitar

Mara Vargas and Paco de Lucas guitar is a new edition of an historic recording in which we hear an extremely young Mara Vargas accompanied by a first-rate guitar player: Paco de Luca. The Cdiz singer proved a revelation at twelve years of age in Jerez, due to her mastery of the authentic gypsy cantes (styles). As time passed, she turned into a complete cantaora (flamenco singer), with a...

Price: 12.45     ( 16.06 $ )
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Como el agua - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

The master cante from Camarn and the extraordinary guitars from Paco de Luca and Tomatito, together in a CD that is, track by track, totally enjoyable. Never before so much perfection was seen on an album. Any flamenco aficionado should have this Cd up on his to-od list. This record, in which Paco de Luca returns to play for Camarn es capable of touching the thinnest fiber of your soul....

Price: 11.50     ( 14.84 $ )
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Rosa Maria - Camaron de la Isla y Paco de Lucia

On the cover of 'Rosamara' is a picuture of Lamarca. On the guitar there is Paco de Luca with the accompanyment of Ram de Algeciras. All songs are by Antonio Snchez, except for the buleria titled 'Con roca de pernal' by Joaqun Carmona. 'Rosamara' is the hit, a few catchy tangos which accomplished their task. La Canastera is not as good as the first one, and in it Paco de Luca interptrets...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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