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Tatuaje 2 #511BMG182
Tatuaje 2
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:: Diego 'El Cigala'   More songs of this artist :: Chonchi Heredia   More songs of this artist :: Pap Levante   More songs of this artist :: Lolita   More songs of this artist :: Andy & Lucas   More songs of this artist :: David Bisbal   More songs of this artist :: Diego Torres   More songs of this artist :: Pasion Vega   More songs of this artist :: Lichis   More songs of this artist :: Chenoa   More songs of this artist :: Carmen Pars   More songs of this artist :: Valderrama   More songs of this artist :: Arturo Pareja Obregn   More songs of this artist
  Disco 1
  1. Francisco alegre - Chonchi Heredia
  2. Suspiros de Espaa - Diego el Cigala
  3. Limosna de amores - Papa Levante
  4. Callejuela sin salida - Lolita
  5. La lirio - Andy & Lucas
  6. Trinia - David Bisbal
  7. La zarzamora - Diego Torres
  8. Malaguea - Pasion Vega
   9. Romance de la reina Mercedes - Lichis
   10. El beso - Chenoa
   11. No te mires en el rio - Carmen Paris
  12. El emigrante - Valderrama
   13. Dime que me quieres - Arturo Pareja Obregon
La Copla (traditional Spanish folk music)is given new life and rejuvenated on this new disc tatoo 2.  And it is not strange that young musical artists from many different backgrounds and styles are attracted (or find inspiration) in this genuine Spanish style of music, which has the ability to tell history (stories) in only 3 minutes. Tatoo 2 is a walk through 'la copla' classics, a very important chapter in our (the spanish) musical history. Thirteen gypsy (folk song) artists appear on the disc adapting the 'copla' classics with their own distinctive styles, including Chonchi Heredia, Lolita and Diego El Cigala;
Singers which have come to fame through the program 'operacion triunfo' like Chenoa and David Bisbal;  From Andalucian pop of Andy & Lucas and Papa Levante to latin pop of Diego Torres;  Singing legends like Valderrama and Arturo Pareja Obregon; Reformists like Pasion Vega; And unothordox singers like Carmen Paris or rock stars like Lichis de la Cabra mecanica have a comun love for the Copla.
Of the 13 coplas, two thirds wear the mark of the superb classical artists Quintero,Leon,Quiroga.