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Sabor flamenco #511BMG141
Sabor flamenco
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  Disco 1
  1.Oh mare - Chonchi Heredia
  2.De boca en boca - Nia Pastori
  3.Lio - Jose Merc
  4.Yo vivo enamorao - Jos el Frances
  5.Al son del tambor - Rosario
  6.Son de amores - Andy & Lucas
  7.Ratones coloraos - Joaquin Sabina
  8.Con dos camas vacias - Mara Jimenez con Bebo Valdes
  9.Dame la mano - Ketama
  10.La fuente de bebo - Diego Cigala con Bebo Valdes
  11.Ahora te toca a t - Valderrama
  12.Amor de conuco - Marina Heredia y Jose Lara
  13.Como te extrao - Pasin Vega
  14.Ranchada de los paraguayos - Nio Josele con Andres Calamaro
  15.En lo alto del cerro - Estrella Morente
  16.Anda y dame un beso - Remedios Amaya
  17.Dame tus besos - Radio Macande
  18.Nia - Radio Tarifa
Besides being an anthological collection, "Sabor Flamenco" serves as a platform for new characteristics of the genre. In this case it is shown as a forward of the first recording by Marina Heredia, a young cantaora from Granada.
'Sabor Flamenco' has the 21 artists involved in the album of the same title, although some may not sing solares, tangos, or buleras. For example there is Joaqun Sabin. Most, however, know all about flamenco; artists like Jos Merc, Diego el Cigala, Remedios Amaya, Estrella Morente, Nia Pastori, Nio Josele, Ketama, Chonchi Heredia and many others.
What is for sure is that each one of the artists who participate in 'Sabor Flamenco' looks to the south and is jondo in his own way. It wouldn't be inappropriate to remember the words of the great pianist Tete Montoliu when he said that having swing was knowing how to make a good potato tortilla. In other words, being able to put feeling in whatever is done.
Camarn's soul is jondo when Jos el Francs remembers him when covering his 'Yo vivo enamorao' or when Marina Heredia and Jos Lara reminisce the 'Amor de conuco' he interpreted along with Ana Beln. The throats of Estrella Morente ('En lo Alto del Cerro'), Jos Merc ('Lo') and Remedios Amaya ('Anda y dame un beso') are jondo. The unorthodox conventialism of Chonchi Heredia ('Oh mare'), Nia Pastori ('De boca en boca') and Ketama ('Dame la mano') is flamenco. Truthfully constelation of flamenco stars.
'Sabor Flamenco' is an album that constantly amazes the listener. It finds music oriented towards the south with its windows open for other styles, and other ways of understanding the Andaluz music. In this manner, Rosario remembers her father, the Pescalla and the Catalan rumba; Mara Jimnez skirts the mexican ranchera; Valderrama finds emotions like his father Juanito; Pasin Vega puts the verse in the new century and finds himself again; Radio Tarifa crosses the Gibraltar strait toward the West with a live recording from Canada. Andy & Lucas como from a neighberhood in Cdiz with their hit 'Son de amores' so that pop smells saltpeter and Radio Macand does it with more of a disco groove from much closer in La Lnea de la Concepcin.
Yet, 'Sabor Flamenco' holds even more surprises under its sleeve. Joaqun Sabina pulls out sevillanas in 'Ratones coloraos,' a song in dedication to Jess Quintero and his analogous program Canal Sur Televisin. Diego el Cigala, a Madrid-native cantaor, comes together with the Cuban pianist Bebo Valds in order to discber that in music, so long as the artists are prominent, a crossing in paths is always possible, even if a 50 year difference stands in between them. And as if it weren't enough, the Almera-native guitarrist Nio Josele and the Buenos Aires-native Andrs Calamaro collaborate in 'Ranchada de los paraguayos.'
'Sabor Flamenco' es una reunin de grandes artistas que demuestran que la msica es, ante todo, corazn. Y corazn flamenco no falta en las 18 canciones del lbum.
'Sabor Flaenco' is a gathering of great artists who, above all, prove music is all about heart and soul. And flamenco heart does not lack in any of the 18 songs in the album.