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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  New releases  ::  No hay quinto malo (Caja de cristal sin libreto)
No hay quinto malo (Caja de cristal sin libreto) #511BMG370
No hay quinto malo (Caja de cristal sin libreto)
10.95  / 14.13 $ 
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  Disco 1
  1. Principio
  2. Espinas
  3. Imposible
  4. El loco del barrio
  5. En tres minutos
  6. Puede ser
  7. La cuna
  8. Santo romero
  9. La tata
  10. En los rincones de mi casa
  11. Como me duele
  12. Final

This is her most personal record, the one over which she has had the most control, and the record in which she has been boldest. Nia Pastori took part in the composition of all its songs alongside her husband and producer, Julio Jimnez Chaboli, the son of Jeros, who was the singer and songwriter for the band Los Chichos who died in 1995. Alongside Nia Pastori and Chaboli, we find the guitars of Jos Miguel Carmona and Juan Carmona, from Ketama, and of Diego del Morao and Paquete; the bass guitars of Carles Benavent, Victor Merlo and El Maka; the drum kits of Tino di Geraldo and Angie Bao; the percussion of Luis Dulzaides

It will be released in different digipack formats, including a complete booklet which includes photographs, song lyrics, etc.