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Lagrimas negras #511BMG339
Lagrimas negras
17.95  / 23.16 $ 
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:: Son Cubano   :: Flamenco  
  1. Inolvidable
  2. Veinte Aos
  3. Lagrimas negras
  4. Nieblas del riachuelo
  5. Corazn Loco
  6. Se me olvid que te olivd
  7. Vete de mi
  8. La bien pag
  9. Eu sei que vou te amar
A mixed between Cuba and Spain
The music from this CD is like magic. The record, which takes mostly Cuban ballads, and whispers them, gruffly, balances the classicism of Valdes' piano with the wavering voice of Cigala.
This is a wonderful mix between the Cuba's Latin rhythms with the Spain 'cante jondo' of the ancient Flamenco music.
The parts are incredibly music communion a master piano player as Bebo Valds and a great Flamenco voice as Diego Cigala.
It's a listening pleasure, full of feelings, good repertoire and excellent recording.