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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  New releases ::    ::  Agua dulce - Tomatito
Agua dulce - Tomatito #112UN362
Agua dulce - Tomatito
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  Disc 1
  1. Al Mariyya (Buleras)
  2. A miles (Sole por buleras)
  3. Dnde est tu cario? (Tangos)
  4. Porque t lo vales (Sole)
  5. En casa del herrero (Buleras)
  6. Pa'Salinas (Rumba)
  7. Manduka (Buleras)
  8. Gallibando (Tangos)
Tomatito has become a soloist of major significance within the realm of the flamenco guitar. His personal approach to both the festive and traditional formats in flamenco highlight his unique sensitivity and interpretative power. For more than a decade, he has combined loyalty to his racial heritage with an unusual ability to cross ideological barriers. New album of Tomatito with important guest apparitions such as Diego el Cigala, El Potito, Guadiana and his own daughter, Mari ngeles Fernndez Torres.