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La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

The most temperamental, tragic and passionate figure in flamenco dancing was also capable of expressing the captivating emotion of the gypsy race as a cantaora (flamenco singer). An essential pack with spectacular images and hard to find footage of the biggest legend of flamenco dance. Including images from most of her filmography: Short films from the 40's and also scenes from the movies 'Maria...

Price: 29.35     ( 37.86 $ )
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Tributo flamenco a Don Juan Valderrama

The world of flamenco stages a tribute to Juanito Valderrama. And to do this, Paco de Luca, Carmen Linares, Vicente Amigo, Jos el Francs, Diego el Cigala, Miguel Poveda, El Pele, Potito, Arcngel, Pepe de Luca, Montse Corts, Juan Habichuela, Guadiana... have come together, as well as Juan Valderrama, of course. All the songs on the album were composed by Valderrama, who sings A mi tierra de...

Price: 18.50     ( 23.87 $ )
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Acoplados, Martirio y Chano Dominguez

This album of Martirio and Chano Domnguez  is a mix between the copla and the jazz. The singer Martirio and the pianist Chano Dominguez with their Big Band give us this terrific album Acoplados, in this CD editated by RTVE music with the colaboration of the Orquesta Sinfnica de RTVE, directed by Adrian Leaper.
It is the summary of his whole life, 25 years of work reflected in...

Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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Poemas del exilio Rafael Alberti - Miguel Poveda

Born in Cdiz, Rafael Alberti had to flee from Spain after the Republican government was defeated in 1939. He went into exile in Argentina, where he wrote numerous poems to express his homesickness and anxiety for his wounded country. His verses with their Andalusian flavour inspired composer Enric Palomar to compose a suite for a chamber orchestra and flamenco voice which resounds with elements...

Price: 15.65     ( 20.19 $ )
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Lagrimas negras

A mixed between Cuba and SpainThe music from this CD is like magic. The record, which takes mostly Cuban ballads, and whispers them, gruffly, balances the classicism of Valdes' piano with the wavering voice of Cigala.This is a wonderful mix between the Cuba's Latin rhythms with the Spain 'cante jondo' of the ancient Flamenco music.The parts are incredibly music communion a master piano player as...

Price: 18.85     ( 24.32 $ )
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Tengo - Queco

Queco a composer, singer and guitarist has once again recorded an album as a singer after many years spent producing work by other artists. In 'Tengo', Queco offers some new songs that were originally composed for other artists. On this record, he enjoyed the cooperation of Vicente Amigo, who he had already worked with previously, and of Tino di Geraldo.

Price: 16.65     ( 21.48 $ )
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Andy & Lucas (Edicin especial)

This edition of the CD of Andy & Lucas contains a CD and a DVD.  The CD includes the complete disc of Andy & Lucas, two new songs ('Corre y vuela' y 'Carmela')and two new versions of the subjects 'Hasta los huesos' y 'Mrame a la cara'. The DVD is titled 'Viviendo un sueo'and collect a concert in direct engraving in the Sala Bikini, of Barcelona, in which they interpret 10 songs...

Price: 24.15     ( 31.15 $ )
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De mil colores


Price: 23.60     ( 30.44 $ )
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