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Picasso en mis ojos - Diego \'El Cigala\'

''Picasso en mis ojos'' is an authentic gem. It is the fifth solo album by Diego El Cigala, a purebreed cantaor (flamenco singer) who is acclaimed for his gypsy voice. It is dedicated to Picasso (Mlaga, 1881-Mougins 1973), the great genius of contemporary painting and the creator of Cubism.The fact is that Diego El Cigala is featured with accompaniment by the guitars of Paco de Luca, Tomatito,...

Price: 21.50     ( 27.73 $ )
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Todo Chunguitos - Los Chunguitos - CD+DVD

The greatest hits by Los Chunguitos, including their 22 most famous songs.La recopilacin audiovisual ms completa de Los Chunguitos contiene 1 CD con 22 temas remasterizados a partir de las cintas analgicas originales.1 DVD con 23 actuaciones histricas en RTVE. Incluye directos, actuaciones en plat y la nicas imgenes conservadas de la banda con el fallecido Enriqure Salazar.

Price: 17.75     ( 22.90 $ )
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The very best of Gipsy Kings

Although this compilation contains many of the songs featured on their 1995 release "Best of the Gipsy Kings", this expanded two-CD set features many stellar tracks recorded since then. Featuring their unique style of pop-influenced flamenco, 'Volare! The Very Best of The Gipsy Kings' is a passionate and uplifting collection featuring familiar, but not exhausted, Spanish-language songs.

Price: 22.55     ( 29.09 $ )
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Limn - Javier Limn

Limn, composed and arranged by Javier Limn himself, is the record that begins the activity of the record label that the recognised musician and producer.Javier Limn starts a new record label under the name "Casa Limn" with this release of a solo album that joins many guests artists suchs as Paco de Luca, Nio Josele, Potito, Guadiana, Montse Corts, La Tana and Bebo Valds .

Price: 20.95     ( 27.03 $ )
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Mundo Amador - Raimundo Amador

 Raimundo Amador is one of the artists who has worked together with all kinds of artists, both at a national and international level. As a guitarist, he has tackled several genres and although his roots lie in flamenco, his love for blues has always been especially important. This record is a compilation of some of the great songs that he has recorded with flamenco artists like Tomatito,...

Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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ElBicho II

ElBicho comes back with a new album, with 11new titles.  El bicho: Miguel Campello (voice), Victor Iniesta (guitar), Carlos Tato, Toni Mangas (batery), David Amores (percussion), Juan Carlos Aracil (flute) y Pepe Andreu (trompet).

Price: 19.85     ( 25.61 $ )
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Pokito a poko - Chambao

'Pokito a poko', their new record, includes eleven new songs to allow you to enjoy flamenco chill in your own living room. After "Endorfinas en la mente" (2003), Chambao returns with "Pokito a poko", with which the band looks ahead to the future, as the title suggests, and to develop a very personal and different kind of music. Their album brings together, once again without any kind of...

Price: 19.85     ( 25.61 $ )
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Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faial

''Puertas abiertas'' is the new record by Juan Pea El Lebrijano. On this occasion, he once again gets close to Andalus and Arabic music after having previously recorded these genres in records like ''Encuentros''.

Price: 17.75     ( 22.90 $ )
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Un momento en el sonido - Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo is giving his best in this album. After five years without publishing an alum alone, Vicente Amigo comes back with 'Un momento en el sonido'. A flamenco album, in which there is the cooperation of Tino di Geraldo and Joan Albert Amargos and the singers Antonio Villar and 'Potito'. 'Un momento en el sonido' is the best song of the album. The rhythmic originality of the rumba...

Price: 18.35     ( 23.67 $ )
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A mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo CD+DVD Pal

The first verses of a romance by Lope de Vega, 'De mis soledades voy, de mis soledades vengo' are the title of the latest record by Jos Menese, one of the leading flamenco cantaores (singers).The title provides a clue as to the content of the record: it is a tribute to the great poets of the Siglo de Oro (Golden Century) of Spanish literature, the seventeenth century. Lyrics, verses, romances...

Price: 26.15     ( 33.73 $ )
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